Aug 26, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Well last night was a bit disappointing, but it did turn out all right. You see, me and my friends (yes I have friends) went to see the pixiekills perform, only to discover that we needed a parent or guardian with us. So we hung around town for a while then went to the movies.

It was still an awesome night, really annoyed at missing pixiekills though. What has made me extra annoyed is the fact that while we were missing pixiekills, Angus and Julia Stone were playing in New Castle. Imagine how awesome that would have been? If you haven't heard Angus and Julia Stone, or the Pixiekills for that matter, look them up.

I am actually really tired so this is all you get, a short rant and advice on some wonderful musicians. Also Salt isn't a bad movie. It is mostly explosions and hectic gun fights and the plot line is kind of odd, but it was alright.


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