Aug 5, 2010

Nostalgic for the days when I didn't know what nostalgia was.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am bored. Blogging ever day would be difficult if I was trying to make every post an absolutely life changing intelligent entry, but I think I deserve to write the occasional boring post.

A few random things I would like to mention: A book about a blind girl that can see the last 18 seconds of a corpses life with a single touch, would be so much more awesome if I was in a mood to read. It would probably be even better if one of the main character's surname wasn't O'Shaughnessy. The surname is creative, to someone I'm sure, but the fact that they insist on referring to her as O'Shaughnessy and not her first name is starting to bother me. For one, I am not sure I am pronouncing it correctly in my head. It will probably annoy me less if I get into more of a reading mood.

I discovered something today, that is not related to the book I'm reading at all, but I feel fine about changing the subject. It is my blog after all and if you actually bother to read the silly thing you are willingly handing over all power of what you read about to me. I can change the subject, use grammatical errors, misspell the word miscellaneous as often as I want and there is not a thing you can do about it. I will only be changing the subject though, unless I miss a grammatical error during my editing. I certainly will not be misspelling miscellaneous, I take pride in being able to spell that.

Now onto what I discovered today: It is difficult to go on a TV strike when the house you are in has a total of three rooms, not including a bathroom. When everyone else decided to watch television while eating dinner, I had to watch with them despite my vow to only watch TV on one day this week. I haven't been so strict with the idea that I won't tolerate a single glance at the TV set, in fact I just decided to cut down my viewing to one day because I feel I watch too much. I have been doing well too; I haven't sat down for an entire program (besides having to watch during dinner tonight) since Sunday.

What I find funny is that watching a lot of television is directly related to being anti-social, yet when I sit in my room alone because everyone is watching TV, I am being anti social. In my attempt to be social I have alienated myself. Ironic, yes?

Another thing that bothers me about this book, though I it is actually an alright story, is that the author doesn't seem to know what irony is. George D. Shuman, please stop saying things are ironic when they are not. Thank you.

Oh and one last thing before I finish this. . . Miscellaneous. That is the correct spelling, I assure you.

-Rachel "I need a life" Hopkins.

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