Aug 7, 2010

How to entertain yourself while waiting for it to be 3:30 on Saturday afternoon.

1. Repeatedly ask if it is 3:30 yet

2. Laugh at the people threatening to kill you if you ask again.

3. Draw screaming facial expressions on all the eggs in the fridge

4. Put coloured food dye in the milk. (note: I would not recommend using blue food dye. I spent long enough brushing the blue from my teeth to learn THAT little lesson)

5. Wonder what the movie you are waiting to see is actually about.

6. Make screaming noises and other various cries of pain while watching someone trying to cook with the eggs you drew faces on.

7. Reminisce about the awesome ice cream you had yesterday.

8. Try to figure out what is stopping the comment part of my blog from working (sorry Alyssa I swear I am trying everything here.)

9. Get side tracked by passing thoughts such as, "Do caterpillars dream while they are in their cocoons turning into butterflies?"

10. Write a blog post about the time you are wasting.

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