Aug 18, 2010

Monkey slippers.

Aren't news readers strange? They say "Good evening" or "Good morning" etc. then they proceed to talk about alot of horrible events that either include the destruction or end of someones life. Then by the end of the string of depressing horrors, there will be a mention of some famous person doing something in an attempt to brighten the mood.

"Good evening a family has been killed in a house fire that has destroyed their entire home and all their possessions. In lighter news, Justin Bieber has run into another glass door, so we will talk about him for the rest of this month as well!"

. . .

See I don't actually have anything that meaningful to say. Today an idea jumped in my head of something to blog about tonight but I completely forgot what it was. So To fill time and space I will give you some pointless information that I am sure will not interest you in any way.

The last book I read was 'Life expectancy' by Dean Koontz. It was awesome to the max. I much enjoy saying 'Koontz' out loud.

I have tried and failed several times since seeing Inception to explain it's plot line to people without giving too much away.

For the first time I have seen on TV they played the actual credits on the TV show 'Castle' and the tune was very entertaining. I don't know why they haven't done it before, they always show them but with commercials taking over the screen.

I really, really like my monkey shaped slippers.


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