Aug 23, 2010

Here is my attempt at optimism.

Synonyms for wonderful:
admirable, amazing, astonishing,
astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome,
brilliant, cool, divine, dynamite,
enjoyable, excellent, fabulous,
fantastic, fine, groovy, incredible,
magnificent, marvelous, miraculous,
outstanding, peachy, phenomenal,
pleasant, pleasing, prime, remarkable,
sensational, something else, staggering,
startling, strange, stupendous, super,
superb, surprising, swell, terrific,
tremendous, unheard-of, wondrous

If there are this many ways and more to say the word wonderful, imagine how much wonder there really is. You wouldn't need all these words if there was only one wonderful thing in existence. All we have to do is look for more.


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