Aug 9, 2010

Post number nine of the month. I have a good feeling about this.

Not only have I not so far missed a day of posting, but I am also getting ahead of myself. I am pleased with this. Now onto the rambling daydreams of mine that I know you just love to read about on here.

Something I have noticed recently: Teenagers are less mature than toddlers on occasion. We go crazy on sugar and caffeine, we will be excited to see toy story 3* at the cinema. We will listen to certain songs over and over and sing them when we feel the need. The songs may not be nursery rhymes or the sesame street theme, but we sing them like young children would.

When it comes to arguments with anyone, teachers, peers, parents, we are most childish. When we were younger we were essentially fighting for the same thing; we wanted our way and we were willing to cry and scream and be foolish to get it. Though now our reasons to fight do tend to run deeper.

A majority of what we argue and protest against has something to do with our need for individuality. Every teenager needs to find who they are as an individual because up until that point, they hadn't really cared how minuscule they really are in the world.

As a toddler, you want to live, learn and enjoy this world you are apart of. As a teenager, and times beyond that even, you wonder why you live, why you should learn, and what there is to enjoy about this world you are inexplicably in.

It seems to me that as we grow up our problems and relationships get more difficult to deal with, more complex and taxing, but our way of handling these problems doesn't evolve much past how we handled them as toddlers. We want it, we take it. We lose it, we cry over it. We brake it, we cry some more.

We may grow in height and mass, we may grow in knowledge and intuition, but how much do we really grow in maturity?


*when I saw toy story 3 at the cinema, the place was completely packed. Out of everyone there, about five people were under the age of ten. The rest were teenagers and adults. My 22 year old brother cried in that movie.

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