Aug 15, 2010

Annoying things.

1. U.F.Os (Unavoidable Family Outings)- Sure they can be fun, but sometimes they happen when you really would rather be doing something else. It is worse when the outing involves waking up early.

2. Walking past a fence and having the dog on the other side scare the hell out of you by barking like mad.

3. When awesome songs get remade and remixed into grotesque and butchered versions that ruin the original for you.

4. When cartoon characters get on your nerves- Like the show babar, all about rich elephants. Shut up elephants your lives are charmed.

5. When you are sitting in a room alone with the door closed, someone comes in to ask you something, and they leave without closing the door. -the other day my little brother did this to me. I tried to close the door by throwing my slippers at it. It worked but I got up any way to retrieve my slippers.

6. When you spend for ever developing a skill, thinking you are awesome at it, then someone comes along and is pro at it straight away.

7. Reality television shows. -"We are going to wave a giant cheque in front of your face, tell you to do something ridiculously mundane, talk to you like the failure of doing this mundane task will make your life end, and we expect you to cry every time we mention something even mildly dramatic. Welcome to every reality television show invented."

8. That dramatic noise on law and order that happens whenever they cut to the next scene. -I am yet to find someone else that finds this as annoying as I do. Hearing it makes me physically cringe and whenever the show comes on I search desperately for the remote so I can mute the TV before the monotone introduction message ends. Because I know that almost immediately after the robot voice says "These are their stories" the noise will sound and it will be awful.

9. Things that I find annoying but have no idea why (see numbers 4 and 8)

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