Aug 14, 2010

Life is just a bowl of fancy assorted cashews

Recently my 18 year old brother got hold of a box set of Spongebob Squarepants episodes. He borrowed them from my 23 year old brother. Family maturity aside, we have been watching them when there is nothing else to do. Being teenagers, we can rarely find something more worth while to occupy our time, so we have watched it a lot.

I have realised some amazing things about the yellow pineapple inhabiting sponge. If you knew someone with the personality of Spongebob, you would hate them. He is the most annoying company. It is no wonder that cynical octopus neighbour of his dislikes him. Spongebob is annoying there is no doubt about it.

Although I would hate to have an acquaintance as annoying as Spongebob, I would love to have a friend with his outlook on life. While he resembles a cleaning device, he is the brightest most positive fictional character I can recall at this time. He sees the good in everything.

I may be talking about a cartoon yellow sponge here, but it is the character that i am commenting on. Perhaps we confuse negativity with normality, and being positive with being obnoxious. There is an awful lot of negativity in the world, isn't there? Maybe living in a pineapple effects overall cheeriness. I'm seriously considering making the change to undersea life and fruit dwelling. Not only would I be more cheerful but my house would smell and taste amazing.


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