Aug 6, 2010

Serendipity icecream, death by chocolate flavour is pretty freaking awesome.

Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Why make that the brand of the ice cream, I wonder? Sure it is an awesome word and is fighting to be my favorite word ever (I can't decide if I like shenanigans, discombobulate, shindig or serendipity the best) but is it actually related to the ice cream?

Perhaps the person that makes serendipity ice cream is impossibly serendipitous, constantly spills ingredients together into large freezers until they turn out to be wonderful ice cream.

More likely, they just thought it was a catchy name. Oh well, it is late, I am tired and I am determined to continue this blogging once a day thing. The posts don't necessarily have to be meaningful.

-Rachel "I love my slippers" Hopkins.

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