Aug 1, 2010

Don't you just hate it when you are about to go to sleep, have a great idea, then wake up the next day and have no idea what it was? . . . LONG TITLE

I came up with a lovely topic for my next post when I was going to sleep. However, I was tired and comfortable and wasn't sure if writing it down would be worth it. The conflict in my mind went something like this. . .

"Should I write this down so I don't forget?"

"I'm not sure. The bed is so comfortable and warm, and your notebook is all the way over there on the table right next to you."

"Hmm I guess you are right me, but what if I forget? Then when I go to write the post I will be completely stumped as to what I will write!"

"Oh I'm sure that won't happen. You will write it down in the morning and not forget. And if you do forget, you can write an exessively long title and talk to yourself instead of writing this brilliant topic you have come up with."

"I guess you are right. You are so smart. And I will definately remember this in the morning!"

"You bet your britches you will!"

. . . . You will never guess what happened when I woke up. That's right, I forgot completely what the idea I had was. So I decided to give you a link to a random song instead! So here it is, Cloud cuckoo by the real tuesday weld! It is randomly awesome. Enjoy.

After reading what I was thinking last night, I realise why people can't read minds; it causes madness.


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