Aug 2, 2010

I want to feel weightless, and that should be enough.

Why is it that teachers will be outraged at a student using curse words when the teachers themselves say 'homework' without hesitation? I for one think it should be considered a profanity. Whenever I hear an authoritative figure use the word I am extremely offended and annoyed because I instantly realise that the phrase 'I have nothing to do' won't be used by me for some time. I truly understand that one does not know what they have until it is lost, because the other day I was complaining about having nothing to do and now it is what I crave.

Of coarse my homework list isn't extremely long. In fact, the amount I have is small enough for me to be OK with procrastinating like this. I think I might have a default setting, when there is work to be done, I unconsciously look for things to be distracted by. I typed 'OK'. When did people start using the letters O and K to express their contempt? Do the letters stand for something? By saying "It's OK." could someone be saying something totally different that lost it's meaning through time?

"It's Only Kansas" "It's Orange Koala" "It's Only Kidnapping" "It's Over Kendal"

Imagine that, if OK was originally in a text message from a guy that was dumping Kendal. However, Kendal, being the optimist she is, assumed OK meant alright, or fine. And ever since then it has been a universal term. I am aware that OK has been around longer than texting but still. I think I might google the origin of OK.

. . . .

According to wikipedia it is another way of spelling Okay, which is a word meaning 'alright'. Your plethora of knowledge astounds me wikipedia. Just so you know, that was sarcasm.
Another reason, wikipedia explains, is that during an American election the American Democratic Political party, nicknamed Old Kinderhook, had posters that stated "vote for OK". In this instance OK stood for Old Kinderhook. If you want you can look up this yourself there are a lot of theories involved with this 'OK' business.

I understand that in the time it took me to look up the origin of OK, to type this post, to check my emails, I could have finished my homework. But I am OK with this.


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