Aug 27, 2010

Crazy wishes that would be awesome if they came true. . .

I wish you could get a licence for a pair of wings instead of for a car. Think about it: No petrol cost, No car crashes, No pollution, and the price of airplane tickets would drop dramatically due to flying losing it's novelty.

I wish they had a tardis section of the airport with a list of years and planets instead of countries. Imagine it; instead of Rome or Hawaii, Earth in the year 3050!

I wish Angus and Julia Stone would follow me around playing random songs from their repetoir while I do mundane tasks. I could hear 'Big Jet Plane' or 'A Book Like This' while I waited in line at the shopping centre. I would ask them to shut up when ever I felt in the mood for a different artist though. Also, if they want to come to the Paramore concert they are going to leave their instuments outside.

I wish there was a machine that could tell you exactly what your greatest obscure talent was. What if I go through my whole life and never find out I am a master at guessing peoples shoe sizes or something.

I wish Castle season 3 would hurry up and be on TV.

I wish happiness and confidence came in a can and tasted of strawberries.

I wish I didn't have to do my freaking History and Geography assignments because they are pointless and burn worthy. The teacher pretty much told us exactly what she expects us to do on it. So basically she wants a pile of identical papers with different names at the top of each. This is tedium!

I wish puberty was just something from a horror film. Can't we skip the growing pains and mood swings and go straight to being awesome? I mean more awesome than we already are.

I wish everyone was able to see themselves for their awesome qualities and not be distracted by imperfections. I find I do this with everything; My character traits, my appearance, but especially when I draw something. All I see is the things that make it wrong not what makes it right. If everyone could just see the awesome in themselves, there would be more people smiling.

I wish we lived in a world where chickens could cross the road without their motives being questioned.

I wish there was an end to this post. Oh wait, I can make that one come true!


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