Aug 22, 2010

Musicians are a different breed

It seems that all musicians need to have some unique quality that has nothing to do with their music. It is like if they want to be musicians they need to look a certain way or act a certain way, even though it is how they sound that will get them the job.

You have your moderately normal artist that aren't extremely weird, such as Paramore, but even they have something noticably different about them. By which I mean Hayley Williams and her obsession with dying her hair bright red. She absolutely rocks the look, but how different would the band be without their lead singers trademark look?

Then there are the outrageous musicians that seem to thrive on the fact that they look weird. Maybe the goth and glam dress like that so they are not recognised when they walk around town dressed normally. Exhibit A, Marilyn Manson. Even without the make up and freaky clothing he looks creepy.

Appearances aside, I have to wonder why musicians like Never Shout Never, Owl City and Play Radio Play! feel the need to have names that make them sound like bands when they are just one person. It is a little excessive.


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