Aug 8, 2010

3:30, on Saturday afternoon, I saw the movie 'Inception' at the cinema. It was beyond AWESOME.

I have to say thank you to the Magical Facepunch blog for recommending this movie. I also would like to say that if you are expecting me to tell you all about this wonderful film, you may be a tad disappointed.

If I meet someone that can explain the plot without giving away key points in the story or confusing the person they are talking to, I will be impressed beyond belief. Then I will wonder if the person explaining it was really there, or if I was actually dreaming and the person was a projection of my own thoughts. Kidding. I better stop typing or I might give away the movie before you go and see it.


ps. Alyssa, the comment thing isn't working because of a problem with the site. Apparently it is being fixed.

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