Mar 30, 2011

Tree trimming tree trimming super socks and tree trimming

Contrary to the impression I may have been giving, the camp my class went on wasn't just an excuse to go to the bustling metropolis of Wee Waa and visit their IGA and public swimming pool. No, we drove eight or nine hours because it was a service camp. Where we did work in churches, schools and gardens. The first day, after I discovered I had put socks on in my sleep, I joined the work party that was walking around the block to a church that was in dire need of sweeping, sugar soap and all sorts of gardening.

We went down in the morning carrying all sorts of tools that we didn't use. It turns out they had a plethora of brooms for us to sweep the large expanse of wooden floor with and some newly purchased buckets and sponges to aid us in washing the walls with sugar soap. So being hard little workers we swept the hell out of that church and washed the hell out of it's walls. Get it? Cleaning the hell out of a church?

. . . . I'll stop that now.

So after the cleaning we went back to the primary school for recess which included much of the fruit my Dad had bought for the trip. He got this massive box of grapes that we didn't even finish by the end of the trip. As well as two other massive boxes of various fruits. So during recess I had the bright idea of actually getting my earphones to plug into my phone and enjoy some working music.

I know I have had a past of complaining on here about iPods being lame and CD playing walkmans all the way! But my walkman is stuffed and my fancy phone has an awful lot of memory. It is actually kind of annoying because I end up putting on a whole bunch of music I don't always feel like listening to. It's ok though because most of it I love always listening to. And my phone has a twitter ap.

Anyway I walked back to the church with the group, cursing myself for humming piano man on the way, and we got to work on some gardening. It's great rocking out to Fall Out Boy while pulling weeds, whistling to Mumford and Sons while trimming over grown bushes and walking to the beat of Placebo while carrying a pile of weeds to an even larger pile of weeds. The best part was when my Dad handed me a pair of big dangerous clipper looking things and told me to go to town on this over grown tree.

The garden snippy things were the kind that the kid stabbed the bad guy with in the movie Disturbia, but smaller. If you haven't seen Disturbia, or just don't remember stupid details in movies like I do, here is a picture of what I am talking about. The ones on Disturbia are more deadly looking.

So I attacked a tree with these things while dancing to Saint Motel's Puzzle Pieces. So fun because I was sent away from the gang and could dance in peace. Did an awesome job on the tree too. Then when I was done I dragged myself back to the church where almost everyone was already enjoy a much deserved break. We were given delicious frosty fruits icy poles as we sat in the shade. Then I sat there tweeting away on my phone and enjoying my wonderful treat. Prue took photos, but apparently not everyone is as alright with having their picture taken as I am.


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