Mar 13, 2011

Weekly Blur and music

School turns week days into a blur of paper, pens and ties. I am trying right now to remember at least one interesting thing I have done on each day of this week, not just the weekend. Brain gears start turning and loosening the cobwebs in my head. You know, if I concentrate they do. Somehow on a Sunday I can only think of my brain as early nineteenth century machinery. Rusty gears and steam pipes shifting and smoking inside my skull untill I am done stalling and can think of what I did this week. . . .

There was school involved I'm sure of it. Every morning is roughly the same. Alarm blearing the theme music from Castle at six AM till I press off or snooze. Ever since I got my new touch screen phone I always forget which side of it the snooze button comes up on and which side the off button comes up on. Which is why I have alarms go off at five different times between six and seven, each one blaring that impossibly catchy whistling. I am terrible with alarms which is why I have so many. It's probably why I find myself whistling the Castle theme at random times during the day too. It's a pretty awesome tune.

Eventually dragged myself out of bed, I'm pretty sure, and poured myself an epic bowl of froot loops. Every bowl of froot loops I have is epic. Especially when I read while eating. I try to read every day a little and I find the only time I can do that is while I eat my froot loops. The fact that I am at the moment making my way through the Dexter series, a series of books in which the main character is a serial killer with morals, makes reading while eating froot loops seem a bit odd from an outside view. I think it is very fitting to eat cereal while reading about a serial killer.

Anyway the mad rush to get ready eventually leads to me arriving at school just in the nick of time. Were I a space cowboy this would make me a big damn hero. I gotta stop quoting firefly when none of my readers get the reference.

So summary of an average week day for Rach: Stay in bed for as long as possible, eat froot loops, read part of Jeff Lindsay's awesome series, get to school right before the time in which excuses and late slips are necessary then deal with the blur of paper, pens, ties and talking teachers known as the school day.

I think there was a difference this week. . . . school photo? Yeah I got my photo taken. But that wasn't the awesome difference there was an awesome difference that was really cool. Oh yeah! Free music. Saint Motel's new song Puzzle Pieces given out by them for free with the message to spread it like a beautiful disease. So HERE it is for your listening pleasure. Makes me want to dance when I listen to it.


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