Mar 20, 2011

Let's write a post on my dad's really old laptop without fixing the mistakes caused by the messed up keyboard

I love making really long titled posts. If you have been reading this for a while or have just been reading for long enough to seek out a post in which I complain about my dad's laptop, then you would know my dad has a very old laptop that is prone to typos when I don't mash thekeys like it's a typewriter. Or a potato.

can't se my trusty net book George because my dad's fancy Internet USB doesn't work for George. I don't usually blog on my dad's laptop because of the keyboard and the many mistaks that usually come from i. It is annoying hat the one time i decide to type on this thing without fxing the missing letters it hardly misses letters at all. Jokes.

The reason I amblogging despite the inevitable typos is because I won't be able to again until Saturday. Friday night if I'm keen but I highly doubt it. You see being a sixteen year old high school student does in fact mean I must go on a camp. A camp wth my class to a place called Wee Waa (prnounced wee war) to do various things such as paint buildings, trim hedges, pull weeds, teach small Aboriginal children how to read and i must deal with incredibly hot weather. I'm excited for the eight hour bus trip. nd sleeping on the floor of a school in Wee Waa! holy rhyming batman if I'm not careful I'll get THIS song stuck in my head again. Honestly right when I think i'm not that big of a nerd I get songs fro episodes of TV shows stuck in my head even though I don't like the song at all.

Let's face it I will always be a big nerd. I kind of wish I was the kind of ned that had something to show for it like straight A's or a diploma or an impressive model of the solar system. Unfortunately all I have is quotes from various TV shows and literature. Also I know enough about comic books to feel like an incredible nerd when I say something in reference to them in conversation with peple who only know of the from the movie adaptions. I mean I know a fair bit about them considering I don't own any. Well I don't own any that I talk abut. . . . . I swear it' only a few and I only rea them once! They were a gift!!!!!

Who am I kidding? I say it's time to embrace my true inner nerd and admit to things that might come as a shock and a few might not make sense to you unless you have heard the term or are an owner of the label . . . . I am a Browncoat, Caskett shipper, Stanatic, and a Nathan Fillion fan. I am also a nerd whe it comes to books, not just TV shows. Jodi Picoult, Derek Landy, Jeff Lindsay and Jay Asher are just a few of my favorite literary rockstars. Also I really want to read 'the princess bride'. I grew up watching that movie and laugh everytim i hear someone say "inconceivable"! OK if you know me well none of these things are shocking.

I say why be ashamed of things that make you happy, works you can respect or actresses like Stana Katic?
I heard she does falconry. That's when you train a bird to kill things. How cool is that? I'm going to stop now. This post probably wouldn't have made much more sense even without the typos. See you either next Saturday or Sunday with a new post! 


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