Mar 27, 2011

It's not 9:00 on a Saturday

I have returned from the bustling metropolis of Wee Waa with stories and photos. It was a long five days filled with interesting things to blog about, so instead of writing an incredibly long post about every single awesome thing that happened on the camp, I will make several posts dedicated to different things that made it so awesome. This one can be about the bus trip, pointless paths and piano man.

 on the bus looking at the sunset

I love long car/bus trips. I will probably think differently when I am the one driving but for now being the passenger for hours on end is quite enjoyable. Sure it can be boring sitting still for so long, but sometimes that is exactly what I need. I actually really love just sitting in a car for ages day dreaming, listening to music, reading, writing (depending on how smooth the ride is) or just enjoying the scenery.

There was a lot of singing involved with the bus rides to and from Wee Waa. I even unintentionally revealed that I know almost all the lyrics to bust a move. Had they not changed songs half way through the first verse I would have spoken every line. I shouldn't rap and I shouldn't know all the words to that song but I do.

Despite the many songs I listened to on a shuffled playlist and the many songs we sang along to on the bus, I have had the song 'piano man' stuck in my head since last Friday. I only know the first verse and the chorus so that's what was playing on repeat in my head all week. It's not playing in my head now because the night before I actually listened to the song and it like got it out of my system or something. It's really unusual having a song I have never really properly listened to stuck in my head for a week. At the start of the week I hated the song with a passion because it was so annoying. Now I love it.

 Saw that path in a tiny town we stopped in on the way. The path stretches to the front door of that house. In the middle of the path is a birdbath/hedge/garden thing. Not off to the side, not with the path circling around it. In the middle of the path.
Pointless path is pointless.


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  1. - pointless path- i love pointing out pointless things :) ahh landscaping fails- nice post rach :)p.s from prudence ;)


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