Mar 29, 2011

How's this for a party trick?

The first night of Wee Waa was pretty chill. By which I mean the air con was so freezing you wouldn't have been able to tell that we were in a place that had it's first rain in years the night before. You see, Wee Waa is really hot. Burning hot. Skin blisteringly hot. Sun burn, glare and sweating are a way of life in Wee Waa. So when there is air conditioning available, you are going to use it.

So I was on the floor of a primary school library cocooned in my sleeping bag with my head resting on my fluffy pillow, complete with the Lightning McQueen pillow case, drifting off to sleep thinking it was way too hot for socks. Everyone had different ways of dealing with the fact that we were on the floor. P.E matts, folded blankets, extra pillows, squished sleeping bags or the always sensible air mattresses, were in the variety of bed replacing items. Me? I am way too tough. I just slept in my sleeping bag on the floor with my totally butch Lightning McQueen pillow.

I was extremely comfortable and I slept like a log that had been sitting in a bus for eight or nine hours and was exhausted because of it. Sleeping bags are much more practical than blankets. They are warmer, you don't fling your arms around in your sleep and punch the wall hard enough to wake yourself up, and if you kick off your socks while you're sleeping they just end up in the bottom of the bag, not tangled in the sheets so deep that it is ages before you find them again.

The first night I didn't go to bed with socks on. I thought, "It is way too hot in Wee Waa for socks." Little did I know the air con was going to turn the tiny library into a giant storage freezer. I slept comfortably and soundly but it was getting so cold in the room that I began dreaming that I was sitting in an igloo. I looked out the hole in the curved wall that was the igloo door and could see snow pelting down outside. Who would have thought that I could dream about waiting out a storm in an igloo while in the blinding hot little town of Wee Waa?

The next day at about seven-ish in the morning, while it was still dark outside annoyingly enough, we were awoken by our History/Geography teacher, Mrs. Weatherstone, who had planned and run the whole trip, telling us to get out of bed. I was unwilling because my sleeping bag was so warm, my pillow was so soft and I knew there would not be any froot loops awaiting me when I went to the kitchen area. Unfortunately when the phrase "it's nine o'clock on a Saturday" started playing in my head I knew that piano man didn't want me to stay asleep. I still hated the song at this stage.

So after much groaning and complaint over how cold it was by everyone, I was de-cocooned from my sleeping bag. That's when I discovered that something incredible had happened. I was wearing socks. The same black and blue pair I remember folding and putting in the side pocket of my bag, which sat close by, unzipped and looking innocent. I was quick to let everyone know that I had discovered I had the ability to put socks on in my sleep. I think a couple of people were impressed but I don't think anyone could Be as amazed as I was in that moment. I am more awesome than I thought!

There I am wearing the socks that I have no recollection of putting on. That was taken when I had just finished trimming the hell out of a tree. I'll tell you about that little work party tomorrow.


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