Mar 1, 2011

Party to die for

When I asked a friend what she had done for her sweet-sixteen birthday party she told me that she and her friends had gone and gotten make-overs. I suppose mine was similar. There was a whole lot of hair styling, dressing up and make-up. There were lot's of photos of everyone hitting up the town and lovely shots of the sunset. I guess there was a bit of a difference with my party. Our make-overs were probably less. . . .pretty.

Sweet sixteen and already dead. I have never been the dress up and get make-overs type. I've always been more of a sit at home, read a murder mystery, watch a crime show, play a zombie game type. So of course when there comes an important birthday it just wouldn't be my style to have a quiet get together with friends and leave it at that. And given the fact that the awesome L.A. band Saint Motel was having a Zombie Prom near the time of my birthday that I would be unable to attend thanks to an inconveniently placed ocean, it just made sense that I take the opportunity to dress as a zombie anyway.

So we all dressed as zombies and went around terrorising town taking photos at every opportunity. We went all over the place. . . .

Gloria Jean's Coffee. . .

 Outside clothes shops . . . .

 . . . OK I saw the sign and just had to pose.

 Yeah that's a bathroom stall. Looks like album art for Evanescence or Fly Leaf if there were more than one female member of each of those bands.

 Police car . . .

Police station. . . .

 Police station with their hand picked officer posing with the zombies . . .

 At the movies in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean cardboard display . . .

In the reflection of the Glasshouse elevator. It looks like there is three of me.

See there is a sunset. A sunset with my zombie brother eating it.

That's me the zombie nerd when I received my birthday gift. My friends Jamie and Amanda got me a pineapple with a ribbon on it. I named it Albert. We haven't eaten it yet but I can't wait.

That's me the zombie Nerd with Albert the pineapple after my brother put his top hat on my head.

All in all, best birthday party ever. Zombies rock.



  1. You had fun, I take it?

    Pineapple = the international symbol of friendship. Can't even remember where I picked that fact up from. But I bet it made you laugh?

    Epic birthday party, btw.
    Happy Birthday Rach

    that looks like the most fun in the entire world!
    i was laughing the whole time!
    glad you had fun!

  3. So jealous sis. Hope that you thought of me when you were outside Soft Touch ;) *stroke* ohhh


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