Feb 25, 2011

I really don't like it when I am too busy or sick to write

I feel like I am in need of another post-every-day-for-a-month challenge to get myself back into this whole blogging thing but I know that if I do that I will just have a whole lot of nonsensical short posts. It is difficult to keep up with school work, a social life, stupid artistic hobbies and a blog all at once. It isn't just a blog that I'm trying to write for though, there are also notebooks to fill. I have almost filled my current notebook actually, which means I can move onto the fancy looking one I got for my birthday.

I am finding that things are jumbled and hectic at the moment. It doesn't seem like I am maxing out my time while I am doing it, but when I finally get an ICDL lesson in which I do nothing but listen to Angus and Julia Stone, go on Facebook, go on Twitter, Google why chameleons change colour and decide to write a blog post, I realise how much stuff I have been doing lately.

I have been working hard with my classmates making a documentary about the surf culture of Australia, which involved going to the beach and interviewing random people I had never met before. That took up an entire Sunday but was extremely productive, and still not finished. Let's just put that on the 'need to complete' pile for now because I have to stare meaningfully at my booklet of history and geography assignments for a moment before deciding it can go straight to the 'need to complete' pile. Oh yeah I also have that little pet project I was working on. . .  I better add it to the pile.

My school work load isn't actually that bad, I just find a majority of it tedious and unnecessary as I already know what I want to do after school. What is adding to the hectic constant doing stuff is my social life. Here i thought I'd never have one of these but alas, people actually want to be associated with me. I'll have to ponder how that happened later because I have to plan a party, make sure I can go to a get together with people, hang out with some people, make some mixes for people because I am slowly spreading Saint Motel through the school like a disease, and remember to put certain books in my school bag so I can lend them to the people I recommended them to. Also I need to go to Timber Town with the awesome Bekasaurous.

Australian's spell Gaol (jail) weird.

I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining I absolutely love spending all this time with everyone. It is awesome! I just recently realised how much of this socialising business I do. I still have plenty of off time but the point I am trying to make is I have been busy chilling in my off time. Not writing.

Reading, yes but not so much writing.

In my head this is a bit of a problem. For starters It means I am getting out of practice and my blog posts are turning out like this mess. So i decided to post at least once a week. Even if I have to write the post during the ad breaks of my Sunday evening Bones and Castle line up on channel 7, I will make a post before the week is out.

This is my promise to myself and to you. Whoever actually reads this thing.


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