Feb 4, 2011

Sorry about the lack of posting, I was off curing the common cold.

I didn't actually cure the common cold, but I did read Jeff Lindsay's Darkly Dreaming Dexter and am currently reading Dearly Devoted Dexter. That is relevant because Jeff Lindsay appears to be a fan of alliteration and curing common colds is quite alliterating. A love of literary devices is necessary for a literary rock star like a love of instruments is necessary for an actual rock star, weather it be adoring apparent alliteration or appreciating beautifully sculpted and sparkling imagery.

A simile is like a guitar, the metaphor is it's strings. Irony is the 'quiet please' sign in the corner of the music store. Hyperbole's cover the greatest instrument you could own. The sounds escaping to freedom from their entrapping amplifiers are all good friends with personification. The bang of drums is pure onomatopoeia to a literary rock star. Sarcasm is the over-worked employee saying "No it's not a bass guitar it's a pony" when asked a simple question. When the employee acts naturally you can tell he is an oxymoron. Oh look, a pun!

Well that was a fun paragraph. You probably wouldn't get half of it if you hadn't googled literary devices like I did to come up with all that. The burst of creative and nerdy humor, and my lack of posting, is due to the fact that i finally decided to write something other than a blog post or insomnia driven scribblings.

See I was going to write a short story. Then it got to be almost fifty pages long. Sadly, the many pages means I won't be posting it on OddSocks when it is finished. Once I am done editing I can email it to you, if you really want to read it. I'm sure my email is in my profile or something. It's about zombies. Lots of zombies.


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