Apr 2, 2011

Swings swings swings swings SWINGS!

One thing I re-discovered at Wee Waa is that swings are flipping awesome. Everything about them is awesome:

-When you reach the peak of height and can see nothing but your feet against the sky,

-When you turn in a circle over and over, twisting the chains while you're on the seat so you spin REALLY fast in the other direction once you pick your feet up,

-When you tilt your head backwards and watch the ground pass under you,

-When you get to that point in the air where you lift from the seat a tiny bit, enough to make you feel like you're floating for a second,

-When you close your eyes while you swing so that, for just one moment, it feels like you can fly.

When you go on a camp for this long . . . . with people you have never spent this much time with previously . . . and it is so far from home . . . and there are no beaches for hundreds of kilometres . . . . . and your sister is away in England. . . . It is nice to have something like a set of swings to help relax, chill out and just let go. On every trip away you need that one spot or moment that feels a little like home. Any childhood spent at a place without even the possibility of playing on a set of swings is a deprived one, in my opinion.

That is the last Wee Waa post you are getting. It's now been a week since Wee Waa and my memory is terrible so I won't be able to conjure anything else I don't think.


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