Apr 17, 2011

Book appreciation blog post

It is in my opinion that print will never die. It may be talked down and forced to sit in the corner, but it will not disappear. I was talking with my friend Alyssa about her fancy robo-book (it's called a kindle or something but I prefer robo-book). I can totally see the awesome in having one of these robo-books. While they are expensive the books you download on it are cheaper than the real deal and are yours instantaneously. As someone who once had to go on eBay to buy a certain book and wait for several weeks for it to arrive, I can appreciate how handy it would be.

I am pretty keen to get one of these, but I would still only use it to buy books that I can't find in book shops or at the library. Because there is just something about legitimate print that can't be let go of. There are so many things about books that are amazing that have nothing to do with their contents. The classy look of leather covered hard backed novels on a book shelf in a fancy office, making you wonder if they had ever been open or if they were just there to look pretty. A book with creases in the spine, folded corners in the pages, filled with paper so soft you can tell it has been loved by many. I would never fold over the corners of pages though. It bugs me.

I have a great appreciation for books. I need a bigger book shelf in my room. It's not a matter of greed, but of necessity. I have piles neatly stacked in front of my full book shelf because they don't have anywhere else to go. I used to pile them next to my desk but the pile got too big and kept falling over. On my desk now is a cardboard cut out of a pile of books similar to this one. . . .

That's my friend Bek and I being read-aholic nerds. My pile of books is a little different to hers but still the same amount of awesome.

You know you're addicted to books when you have an overstuffed bookshelf, a card board cut out of a pile of books, a cardboard cut out of a character from a series of books that is doubling as a hat rack, and William Goldman's abridgement of The Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern sitting beside you as you compile this list.

Being an avid reader is when you stay up all night to finish a book, when you remember as a kid hiding under your blanket with a torch just to finish a chapter, when you quote classic lines from classic tales without referring back to the source . . . or Googling the source. Stories are food for the imagination, books are an imagination's meal. A series of books is an imagination's feast.

So I say to you, dear book lovers, never be ashamed of reading. Continue to dream of a house with book shelves on every wall, keep imagining your favourite characters' adventures long after the final page is turned. Try not to plot your revenge openly if someone wrecks your book when they borrow it, and remember . . .

Book lovers never go to bed alone.


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