Oct 28, 2010

I fixed the comments on the blog!

Do mind the hyperbole regarding my intelect but. . . I am a freaking prodigy or something.

For far too long this blog has been without it's comment section. I recieved many* complaints from my many* readers because they all just desperately wanted to leave their two cents among mine on this blog.

Well complain and quip and leave as many LOL's as you please because the comment section is back. It also has a word verification thing you have to go through for every comment. It doesn't have to be there, it just is because I find them annoying and I am the only one who can comment without having to go through it. Tremble at my power.

There are also lots of other little buttons that have showed up with the working comment one. I don't know what half of them do but it will be fun to find out.

That was a fun post full of exaggeration and sarcasm.


*many in this scenario means something completely different and much less impressive than what you are used to.

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