Oct 25, 2010

There aint' no denyin' it folks, this sentence is a gramatical nightmare.

Face book is fun isn't it? My friend put as her status on face book, the following:
What is your Superhero name? (2nd favorite color + favorite drink, and add "THE" at the beginning)

Naturally I wrote The Silver Frozen Coke. Then I got thinking, imagine if I were the silver frozen coke. I couldn't help myself after that. I got carried away.It went from "What would my superhero name be" to "What would my powers be" to "What would my costume be" and it just escalated from there. So I thought I would use this train of thought to practice that free writing I mentioned before the train got de-railed.

If I were The Silver Frozen Coke I would be like Popeye the sailor man, but rather than downing cans of spinach to activate my incredible powers, I would down large frozen cokes. My name and outfit would be connected in a heartbeat, from my silver cape and boots to the shiny utility belt around my waist. I would be armed with an awesome sword, a rapier, the kind pirates use.

When the call for help is heard I will chug down my super power juice of frozen coke and be on my way to save the day. Running faster than a speeding superman on a sugar high, I would swoop in with my crazy hyped up energy and strike down whoever dare cross me and my blade.

[note: not actually me at any point in my life it was just the funniest thing google came up with when I wrote 'female superhero' in the search box]

. . . . Bored. Anyway I'll just fill the rest of this with pictures of my favorite superhero/villain combinations.

Superman and Lex Luthor. Superman is a legend. Lex Luthor is relentlessly self centered and evil. Allow the feuding to ensue.

Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible. If you have never heard of these two, go to youtube and search Dr. Horrible's sing along blog. Best waste of time ever. It is one instance where you will like the villain better than the hero.

Batman And the Joker. Let's face it, I just absolutely love Batman the dark knight because Heath Ledger made an awesome lunatic. Rest in peace dude!

Captain Malcolm Reynolds and 'The Operative'. I just wouldn't be a nerd If I didn't mention the coolest hero of them all now would I? Space cowboys rock.

Though I think I should mention one of the other completely twisted villains from this show called Niska. He is Russian and has torture toys. Need I say more?

I guess I do. I couldn't find a picture of Niska and his torture toys so I put up that one. No relevence whatsoever.


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