Oct 18, 2010

Tim Burton, you have much to teach us.

Braces for your teeth are weird. The whole process is awkward, uncomfortable and just plain odd. Yesterday I came into the orthodontists, lay back in the fancy chair, wore the fancy sunglasses and they got to work.

I think the most uncomfortable thing about the process was the plastic things that held my lips apart. They stretched my cheeks and made me look ridiculous. Then they got to work covering my teeth with weird glue and sticking the little metal clamps to each individual tooth. To finish off they threaded a wire through the clamps. The unusual contraption attached to my teeth is meant to straighten them.

When described like this, don't braces sound completely random? Who on earth would think to create a device that sits in ones mouth for more than a year in order to straighten ones teeth? It sounds like something from a Tim Burton film. Edward scissorhands had nasty metal contraptions on his fingers so, if you think about it, metal teeth isn't such a far stretch from one of Tim Burton's works of art.


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