Oct 27, 2010

Why, hello dynamic duo!

I do believe I have a bit of an Angus and Julia Stone obsession. If you have not been able to come to this conclusion by default yourself then you are clearly no Sherlock Holmes. If you don't have a degree in medicine, you are no Doctor John Watson either. Guess you'll have to relate yourself to some other character from English literature.

The reason I bring up the musical Stone siblings is because they both have solo albums. Today when I bought Julia's album and listened to the whole thing right through, then went on myspace and listened to Angus's solo album right through, I had to wonder why they would part ways musically.

I know I wouldn't always want my name to just be the extension of my sibling's name. I get enough "Hey aren't you Matt's sister?" at school. Of course when they ask that I say "No Matt is my brother" and walk on while they give me the weirdest look of confusion ever.

I'm not trying to say Angus and Julia were fools for going solo, I am just trying to complain that their together stuff was better than their not together stuff. I must be in a complaining mood, I mean did you see that last sentence? It read like it was typed by an illiterate child rather than the literary rock star I am.

I listened to their solo albums and, while I did enjoy them (except for the two tracks where Angus tried to be a rock star from the 80's and failed miserably) I enjoyed the two songs from their partnered days I listened to after a little bit more. They were two songs I hadn't heard before so you can't say I am biased by enjoying songs that I have enjoyed many times before. That's right judgemental people. I thought of everything.

I am done complaining now. I am onto the next stop my train of thought took while I was listening to those lovely Australian tunes. Keeping up? I think this is a high speed, multiple carriage train of thought. I also recently had a frozen coke so that might explain my rapid subject change. The Silver Frozen Coke* has been unleashed, I guess.

On to the subject change. All this referring to the dynamic duo in my thoughts got me referring to them as the dynamic duo rather than Angus and Julia Stone. Even in my head I get tired of using all those syllables. Then I got thinking "How many awesome, dynamic duo's are there?" I know of many, within music, television, film and even in my own life.

Where would Angus be without his Julia? Trying to be an 80's rock star. It may haunt me. Where would Julia be without her Angus? Making many very nice slow songs with nice lyrics and nice album art, but no wistfully tortured ballads or songs that wish to pick up the pace. Where would Buzz be without Woody? Still trying to reach star command. Where would Woody be without Buzz? On display in a Woody's round up museum in Tokyo.

Dynamic duo's manage to work for us. They tug at the heart strings, they make us relate, they remind us that humans do have superpowers, one being friendship. Gosh that last one was so cheesy I feel obliged to put this here.
Cheese and Biscuits! That can be number one on our list of dynamic duo's.

Holmes and Watson

can anyone say 'Classic duo?'. I can. I can spell it too. Didn't need spell check or anything. It's OK to be impressed.

Sherlock Holmes: You have the grand gift of silence, Watson; it makes you quite invaluable as a companion.

[Watson punches him in the face]

Lois and Clark.
I tried to keep the super heroes to a minimum because of my last really long, superhero heavy post. Can't deny this dynamic duo their spotlight though.

Lois Lane: And let's get something straight, I did not work my buns off to become an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet just to baby-sit some hack from Nowheresville! And another thing, you are not working with me, you are working for me. I call the shots, I ask the questions. You are low man - I am top banana and that's the way I like it, comprende?

Clark Kent: You like to be on top. Got it.

Castle and Beckett.
Now would I be a hardcore Castle fan without mentioning the self proclaimed ruggedly handsome, literary rock star and his inspiration? Can't help but love it when the dynamic duo are completely opposite. Not to mention when there is murder involved. I love this show.

Richard Castle: When I'm writing a new character, there's no telling when inspiration might strike.

Kate Beckett: I thought I was your inspiration.

Richard Castle: Oh you are, detective, and in so many ways.

Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, your inspiration might strike you sooner than you think.

Wayne and Garth
Wayne's world! Wayne's world! Party Time! Excellent! Love their solid friendship. No matter how ridonkulous** things get, they always have each other's backs.

Garth Algar: Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?
Wayne Campbell: No.
[cracks up laughing]
Wayne Campbell: No.
Garth Algar: Neither did I. I was just asking

Buzz and Woody
Spaceman? Cowboy? Space cowboy?! I knew there was a reason this combination just bursts with AWESOME!

Woody: All right, that's enough! Look, we're all - *very* impressed with Andy's new toy.
Buzz: Toy?
Woody: T-O-Y, t-oy.
Buzz: Excuse me, I think the word you're searching for is "space ranger".
Woody: The word I'm searching for, I can't say, because there's preschool toys present

Brennen (Bones) and Booth
More awesome team ups with complete opposites that involves murder. I wonder why it is on directly before Castle on Sunday. . .

Booth: Did you know that giraffes can weigh up to two tons?
Bones: Yes. Everyone knows that.
Booth: And they sleep less than two hours a day.
Bones: That I did not know.
Booth: Yes! Pinky stumps The Brain!

Bret and Jemaine (flight of the conchords)
Kiwi musicians that can't catch a break? Gotta love it. Their songs are absolutely hilarious.

Bret: I would never go out with an Australian!
Jemaine: But if you were to, I would be fine with it.
Bret: When I first met you you tried to have me deported from New Zealand because you thought I was an Australian.
Jemaine: That was a misunderstanding; you were wearing a vest top.
Bret: My mum gave me that; thought it made me look like Bruce Willis.
Jemaine: Well it didn’t, it made you look like an Australian

Spongebob and Patrick
Last but not least, the best friends to live under the sea. They are the most up-beat delusional buddies there are.

Spongebob: What do you usually do when I’m gone?
Patrick: Wait for you to come back

There you have it a very long blog post fueled by Frozen coke. Hope you enjoyed it. Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. . . I still love Angus and Julia Stone's solo work. In fact, I listened to the whole Julia album several times while writing this. Anyway I'm done!


*if you reveal The Silver Frozen Coke's secret identity you will have to face the point of her shiny sword! Also her wrath. Also a few sentences in which she refers to herself in the third person.

**I am trying to use the word ridonkulous as many times as possible. Lots of fun.


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