Oct 24, 2010

Hate being sick

I have to make myself blog more, and about more interesting topics. Lately my posts seem to have been empty of meaning and marginally uninteresting, to me anyway. I remember my earlier posts were deep and meaningful. . . sort of. Guess I'm just getting bored or running out of things to say.

I was reading a book, all weekend, and in it there was mention of a Stephen King novel about a writer. When the writer got stuck he would free-write in a way that involved him practically conversing with himself on paper. He would start by asking "What are you looking for?" or something like that then would continue the conversation with himself on paper until he uncovered something from his subconscious that would get him back on track.

I thought it was pretty cool, in a multiple personality kind of way. The whole idea of this free writing thing is to just write whatever comes into ones head without stopping. Sure the result isn't always worthy of any ones time but at least it gets words on paper. Or in this case, on screen.

I'm at the point when what I am writing doesn't matter just the fact that I am writing at all. I don't want to leave a blank screen on my computer every time I open up my blog. I would have it open, stare at the blank title box, glance down at the blank page then slide the mouse up to one of the other tabs and click away from blogger to face book or twitter or mylifeisaverage.com.

Depending on how many updates there are on face book or twitter I usually glance back at the blogger page once or twice but if I am on mylifeisaverage.com I rarely return to the blog for any reason but to close it and tell myself that I will update on another day. If you have never been to www.mylifeisaverage.com, go there now. Or finish reading this then go there. That would probably be better since once you go there you will more than likely be entertained for hours.

Today I realised that I had gotten slack with my blogging. Just now I realise that last sentence sounded like a post on MLIA. I don't even remember where I was going with this when I started. Maybe I should stop this post and lie down or something.

For no reason here is a picture of a T-shirt I think is awesome.

It says "Speakerphone. Not nearly as fun as the alternative."


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