Jun 3, 2010

Taking advantage of a good mood. And that my friends is the key to happiness.

Howdy y'all. I just thought I would start witht that to see how many of you read it with a southern accent. You know you did. Anyway ever since I had my prolonged period of no blogging then that really long blog post I have felt the need to write even more.

I find that alot of my ideas for stories and such come to me during class. Then, being the hard worker that I am, I start to mentally brainstorm with myself with what i will do with that idea. I picture the unfolding intro of the possible story in several ways until the teacher tells me to stop staring out the window and pay attention (thats only happened a few times because I have almost mastered the looking-like-I'm-paying-attention-but-I'm-actually-daydreaming face).

I bet you are thinking "Why are you telling us this? We have better things to do than hear you're silly daydreaming stories". Well my friend I am telling you this because I am thinking of writing a story and I am thinking of putting it on here. Not sure I should though. So I am asking you, all three of you, to tell me if i should or not. That is assuming I end up writing it anyway. Alot of the time I end up convincing myself it was a silly idea to begin with or I end up changing the original story idea so much in my head that it loses its appeal.

See this is how it works in my mind when I am struck with an idea. I'll be sitting in math class listening to Mr. Beaver talk about numbers while I draw cartoon beavers wearing his glasses (shut up I think its funny) when suddenly I get an idea. Lets say my thought is "Imagine if Mr. Beaver turned into an actual beaver" (this thought has never ever occured to me it is just an example). I then begin to expand on this thought.

"What if he could only talk to one person? What if that person only spoke beaver and chinese so the person could understand him but not vise versa? What if he was on a bus that had a bomb on it? What if when the bus went less than 50 miles an hour the bomb went off? What if it turned out that the weird kid he met was actually a vampire that sparkled- wait, no, stop. Just. . . no."

Brainstorming by yourself is fun if you know how. The other participants think like you and there are very little arguments. Of coarse that doesn't mean the thinking doesn't get out of hand. My brainstorming methods might seem completely unusual and untidy and just plain confusing, but they do work for me.

See I told you in the last post that I would be sharing everything, didn't I? Well I think I said something along the lines of I'll be more honest or. . . something.


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