Jun 26, 2010

You are awesome.

When was the last time someone complimented you? When was the last time you complimented someone else? When was the last time you made someones day? I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I'm just trying to point out something that I realised recently.

You know how people say that smiling is contagious? Well it is very true. You see someone smile at you and it will make you smile. Someone notices you smile, and they will smile. Keep this going and before you know it there are hundreds of cheerful people wandering the streets.

However, this doesn't always work. I believe that smiles are contagious but only genuine smiles. You can tell when someones cheerful look is put on, it is obvious when a person says "have a nice day" because it's their job not because they want to. So if you see someone smile at you when you walk the streets but they aren't really, truly smiling, it doesn't make you smile.

How do we solve this problem? The happiness can't spread if the first supposedly happy person is faking their joy. So what do we do about these actors? How about we turn their smiles to real smiles? In the short film, Validation, there is a guy that lives to make people smile. He just gives people honest compliments, telling them how awesome they are. Who doesn't want to hear that? No one can say honestly that a random compliment from a stranger wouldn't make their day.

I learned something from watching Validation. A contagious smile has to start somewhere, so who will be the one to start it?

Here<--- is the link to the video, if you want to watch it. It is quite awesome.


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