Jun 13, 2010

And this is how we procrastinate

Well I have written the story of lyrics and it turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. The story itself is. . . interesting.

Here is the list of songs included in the story:
Taylor by Jack Johnson- lollypop Mika-Which to bury, us or the hatchet? by Reliant k- love story by taylor swif- bad romance by lady gaga- over thinking by reliant k- beat it by Micheal Jackson- you aint' nothin' but a hound dog by elvis presly- the bright side by never shout never- holiday by greenday- Alphadog by Fall Out boy- which to bury, us or the hatchet? by reliant k (yeah its on here twice)- superman by lazlo bane- sugar we're goin' down by Fall Out Boy- America's suite hearts by Fall Out Boy- brick by boring brick by Paramore- complicated by Avril Lavigne (however you spell her name)- decode by Paramore- from now on we're enemies by Fall Out Boy- the scientist by coldplay.

The story is quite strange and makes little sense but I said i would post it here so. . . enjoy.

They say Taylor was a good girl never wants to be late but she did have a guilty pleasure. She would eat lots of candy, even though her mother told her "too much candy's gonna rot your soul" Taylor thought her mum was just being dramatic and replied,"I love candy and I know my heart will break the day it is all gone." She wasn't all about candy though. She also enjoyed reading the occasional love story or even a bad romance.

One day Taylor was walking along the street to the candy shop, overthinking about what would happen that day. "There's just too many scenarios to analyse" she thought. Suddenly a dog jumped out of no where and started talking to taylor, telling her to beat it.

"You aint' nothin' but a hound dog." she said "Why should I listen to you?" The dog claimed he was only as small as the world will make him seem then told taylor to leave him alone so he could enjoy his holiday.

Taylor didn't know why her day had involved a talking Alpha dog. She thought that by now she should have realised what she had to do to stop the weirdness.

Taylor tripped and heard someone say "There aint' no hand to break your fall" To taylor what the man had said sounded like it was just a line in a song. A passing butterfly decided to join the weirdness by saying "Why, why, why won't the world revolve around me?" Taylor was so confused that she felt like ripping wings off of butterflys, but she decided to continue to the candy store instead.

Taylor thought her mother might have been right about too much candy. Then she realised exactly why everything had sounded like a song. The answer wasn't complicated too much candy had just been rotting her soul.

Taylor looked at the candy store and said "How can I decide what's right when you're clouding up my mind?". In that moment Taylor swore off candy by staring at it and saying "From now on, we're enemies"

No body said it was easy, but Taylor managed to give up candy.The End.

Strange story wasn't it? Well it was a great time killer.

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