Jun 11, 2010

Keep your feet on the ground when your heads in the clouds

Well i changed the look of the blog again. I think it is much nicer now. If you don't like it get your own blog. Anyway it has been a few days I think since my last post. I should probably be doing something productive right now like assignments but who does that these days?

Speaking of assignments I recently painted a chair in Art class and then I wrote a bunch of song lyrics on it. I want to get a picture on here of it even though it wasn't that great. When I was thinking of what to write on the chair the easiest idea was song lyrics. I could have done some poetry or something but does anyone really need their poetry written somewhere people will sit on?

So I ended up writing down any lyrics I thought were particularly interesting when I was listening to music. Alot of the lyrics came from Fall Out Boy and Paramore songs(big surprise!) but there was also a fair few from unhearted by Automatic love letter. Just the name of that band tells you they gotta have good lyrics.

I decided that I should put some of my favorite lyrics on here. Then I thought about it and decided to do something that would be more intersting. I will attempt to Write a short narative that contains at least one song lyric in each sentence. And if i can't get a song lyric into a sentence i will put two in the next one. Challenge accepted!

I know what you are thinking. "But however will we know what part of the sentence is a song lyric when barely anyone can understand fall out boy lyrics and not many people listen to whats on your mp3?" Good question! You're so smart! So I have thought about this for an extremely long time and decided on a well thought out conclusion. Kidding. I just came up with an idea then while i was typing about it.

I will write in the next post on here my song lyric story then the post after it will be the list of songs and their artists that are featured. I may also simply use song titles. I mean, have you seen the titles of fall out boy songs? "A little less sixteen candles a little more touch me" is the name of one of fall out boys songs. Anyway I will now work on this little project. Should be fun. Enjoy the new layout!


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