Jun 26, 2010

You are awesome.

When was the last time someone complimented you? When was the last time you complimented someone else? When was the last time you made someones day? I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I'm just trying to point out something that I realised recently.

You know how people say that smiling is contagious? Well it is very true. You see someone smile at you and it will make you smile. Someone notices you smile, and they will smile. Keep this going and before you know it there are hundreds of cheerful people wandering the streets.

However, this doesn't always work. I believe that smiles are contagious but only genuine smiles. You can tell when someones cheerful look is put on, it is obvious when a person says "have a nice day" because it's their job not because they want to. So if you see someone smile at you when you walk the streets but they aren't really, truly smiling, it doesn't make you smile.

How do we solve this problem? The happiness can't spread if the first supposedly happy person is faking their joy. So what do we do about these actors? How about we turn their smiles to real smiles? In the short film, Validation, there is a guy that lives to make people smile. He just gives people honest compliments, telling them how awesome they are. Who doesn't want to hear that? No one can say honestly that a random compliment from a stranger wouldn't make their day.

I learned something from watching Validation. A contagious smile has to start somewhere, so who will be the one to start it?

Here<--- is the link to the video, if you want to watch it. It is quite awesome.


Jun 22, 2010

I don't care if we're the same size, my shoes aren't going to fit you.

I remember in third grade at school, my friend Nathan randomly asked me if I could walk in someone elses shoes for a day, who would I choose? At first, because I was only 8 years old, I thought he mean litteral shoes. I wasn't sure why he would want to go trying on someone elses shoes. I wasn't too dumb though because it wasn't long before I figured out what he actually meant: If I could live the life of anotherfor a day, who would it be?

I wasn't sure who I would choose, but apparently Nathan would choose one of the kids in the class that was given easier work because they struggled, that way he could get their grades up and most likely be rewarded. At the time I probably just thought that was a practical idea then went on to play with lego or draw dragons or whatever it was I did in year 3. I don't even know if Nathan remembers; I doubt we have the same random flashbacks of childhood. The memory just occured to me the other day when I was daydreaming -I mean, paying close attention to the world war one video in history- and it made me think, how would I answer that question now if Nathan asked me?

I wouldn't think he meant litteral shoes (I don't think. . . ), but would I still be unsure of my answer? Maybe I would say something like "Rachel McAdams. I'd be rich and famous for a day and wouldn't even have to get used to answering to a different name" or maybe an equally sarcastic answer. But then I would probably, as I inevitably must, consider it seriously afterwards. Am I really happy enough with who I am to say I wouldn't want to be anyone else for a day? Is anyone?

Something to ponder.


Jun 13, 2010

And this is how we procrastinate

Well I have written the story of lyrics and it turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. The story itself is. . . interesting.

Here is the list of songs included in the story:
Taylor by Jack Johnson- lollypop Mika-Which to bury, us or the hatchet? by Reliant k- love story by taylor swif- bad romance by lady gaga- over thinking by reliant k- beat it by Micheal Jackson- you aint' nothin' but a hound dog by elvis presly- the bright side by never shout never- holiday by greenday- Alphadog by Fall Out boy- which to bury, us or the hatchet? by reliant k (yeah its on here twice)- superman by lazlo bane- sugar we're goin' down by Fall Out Boy- America's suite hearts by Fall Out Boy- brick by boring brick by Paramore- complicated by Avril Lavigne (however you spell her name)- decode by Paramore- from now on we're enemies by Fall Out Boy- the scientist by coldplay.

The story is quite strange and makes little sense but I said i would post it here so. . . enjoy.

They say Taylor was a good girl never wants to be late but she did have a guilty pleasure. She would eat lots of candy, even though her mother told her "too much candy's gonna rot your soul" Taylor thought her mum was just being dramatic and replied,"I love candy and I know my heart will break the day it is all gone." She wasn't all about candy though. She also enjoyed reading the occasional love story or even a bad romance.

One day Taylor was walking along the street to the candy shop, overthinking about what would happen that day. "There's just too many scenarios to analyse" she thought. Suddenly a dog jumped out of no where and started talking to taylor, telling her to beat it.

"You aint' nothin' but a hound dog." she said "Why should I listen to you?" The dog claimed he was only as small as the world will make him seem then told taylor to leave him alone so he could enjoy his holiday.

Taylor didn't know why her day had involved a talking Alpha dog. She thought that by now she should have realised what she had to do to stop the weirdness.

Taylor tripped and heard someone say "There aint' no hand to break your fall" To taylor what the man had said sounded like it was just a line in a song. A passing butterfly decided to join the weirdness by saying "Why, why, why won't the world revolve around me?" Taylor was so confused that she felt like ripping wings off of butterflys, but she decided to continue to the candy store instead.

Taylor thought her mother might have been right about too much candy. Then she realised exactly why everything had sounded like a song. The answer wasn't complicated too much candy had just been rotting her soul.

Taylor looked at the candy store and said "How can I decide what's right when you're clouding up my mind?". In that moment Taylor swore off candy by staring at it and saying "From now on, we're enemies"

No body said it was easy, but Taylor managed to give up candy.The End.

Strange story wasn't it? Well it was a great time killer.

Jun 11, 2010

Keep your feet on the ground when your heads in the clouds

Well i changed the look of the blog again. I think it is much nicer now. If you don't like it get your own blog. Anyway it has been a few days I think since my last post. I should probably be doing something productive right now like assignments but who does that these days?

Speaking of assignments I recently painted a chair in Art class and then I wrote a bunch of song lyrics on it. I want to get a picture on here of it even though it wasn't that great. When I was thinking of what to write on the chair the easiest idea was song lyrics. I could have done some poetry or something but does anyone really need their poetry written somewhere people will sit on?

So I ended up writing down any lyrics I thought were particularly interesting when I was listening to music. Alot of the lyrics came from Fall Out Boy and Paramore songs(big surprise!) but there was also a fair few from unhearted by Automatic love letter. Just the name of that band tells you they gotta have good lyrics.

I decided that I should put some of my favorite lyrics on here. Then I thought about it and decided to do something that would be more intersting. I will attempt to Write a short narative that contains at least one song lyric in each sentence. And if i can't get a song lyric into a sentence i will put two in the next one. Challenge accepted!

I know what you are thinking. "But however will we know what part of the sentence is a song lyric when barely anyone can understand fall out boy lyrics and not many people listen to whats on your mp3?" Good question! You're so smart! So I have thought about this for an extremely long time and decided on a well thought out conclusion. Kidding. I just came up with an idea then while i was typing about it.

I will write in the next post on here my song lyric story then the post after it will be the list of songs and their artists that are featured. I may also simply use song titles. I mean, have you seen the titles of fall out boy songs? "A little less sixteen candles a little more touch me" is the name of one of fall out boys songs. Anyway I will now work on this little project. Should be fun. Enjoy the new layout!


Jun 3, 2010

Taking advantage of a good mood. And that my friends is the key to happiness.

Howdy y'all. I just thought I would start witht that to see how many of you read it with a southern accent. You know you did. Anyway ever since I had my prolonged period of no blogging then that really long blog post I have felt the need to write even more.

I find that alot of my ideas for stories and such come to me during class. Then, being the hard worker that I am, I start to mentally brainstorm with myself with what i will do with that idea. I picture the unfolding intro of the possible story in several ways until the teacher tells me to stop staring out the window and pay attention (thats only happened a few times because I have almost mastered the looking-like-I'm-paying-attention-but-I'm-actually-daydreaming face).

I bet you are thinking "Why are you telling us this? We have better things to do than hear you're silly daydreaming stories". Well my friend I am telling you this because I am thinking of writing a story and I am thinking of putting it on here. Not sure I should though. So I am asking you, all three of you, to tell me if i should or not. That is assuming I end up writing it anyway. Alot of the time I end up convincing myself it was a silly idea to begin with or I end up changing the original story idea so much in my head that it loses its appeal.

See this is how it works in my mind when I am struck with an idea. I'll be sitting in math class listening to Mr. Beaver talk about numbers while I draw cartoon beavers wearing his glasses (shut up I think its funny) when suddenly I get an idea. Lets say my thought is "Imagine if Mr. Beaver turned into an actual beaver" (this thought has never ever occured to me it is just an example). I then begin to expand on this thought.

"What if he could only talk to one person? What if that person only spoke beaver and chinese so the person could understand him but not vise versa? What if he was on a bus that had a bomb on it? What if when the bus went less than 50 miles an hour the bomb went off? What if it turned out that the weird kid he met was actually a vampire that sparkled- wait, no, stop. Just. . . no."

Brainstorming by yourself is fun if you know how. The other participants think like you and there are very little arguments. Of coarse that doesn't mean the thinking doesn't get out of hand. My brainstorming methods might seem completely unusual and untidy and just plain confusing, but they do work for me.

See I told you in the last post that I would be sharing everything, didn't I? Well I think I said something along the lines of I'll be more honest or. . . something.