Mar 17, 2010

Smoke, clouds and other floating inconsistancies

Sometimes i think everyone moves too fast, myself included. We take each day as it comes like the days are baseballs being shot to us by a machine. We have to hit each one just right or it could fly by or worse hit us square in the face. You don't have time to admire the slight sound of the wind being pushed around by the ball, you can't stop to figure out what part of the machine is making that flicking noise when the ball is loading. You just have to take it without knowing why your holding that bat in the first place.

Everyday is just another baseball that we need to hit. When we are kids we are just doing it because its fun. We didn't always hit the ball but it didn't matter. Because it wasn't about how many hits we could get it was about how much fun we had doing it. Then as you play the game for longer, the number of times you make contanct with the ball gets more important. You reach highschool and missing the ball can throw you completely off your game. Then the further into life you get the harder you hit, and the farther you want the ball to go.

This whole time spent making sure you hit each day just right, the sun was shining, the clouds were gliding by, the breeze was keeping you cool. We get so cought up in surviving each day that we forget to enjoy it. A world that exists just for us to live in. Every now and then we should stop staring at the machine that insists on continuously throwing these days at us. Put the bat down, step away from the plate. The days will come to pass and the world will not end. Lie down on the grass, stare at the clouds. Spend a moment doing nothing and be thankful because you don't have to hit the days all the time. Occasionally you can relax.


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