Mar 13, 2010

Fiction, why must you mislead me so?

Sometimes i truely wish life was more like what i read in books or see in movies and tv shows. Why can't i be clever and witty like the characters from my books? Although alot of the time i'm truely thankful that I have nothing in common with the people in my books, mostly when the book I'm reading is by Jodi Picoult because someone always tends to die in her books.

Alot of the time though when these things made for entertainment come up with a character that is smart, witty, successful and comes up with lots of clever one liners, I can't help but wonder if there is anyone that is like that really.

I spend alot of time thinking about originality. People are rarely who they say they are. More often than not they are who they think you want them to be. Its like there are more similarities between TV and reality than we realise. TV is all about actors pretending to be these people so they can tell these stories and give their viewers what they want. Doesn't everyone put on a mask when they go to entertain their peers or work mates? You might not be pretending to be a cop or some other television stereotype but you still aren't being yourself. Maybe you do it so that if someone doesn't like what they see you can tell them it isn't really you.

I'm not pointing fingers here I'm not trying to say everyone is a fake but me. I'm just saying there are a hell of alot of fakes in this world. They give in to what the media wants them to be and they try to the death to be it. I know this might be hipocritical saying i wish i was like the characters in books then saying no one is real, but what I'm trying to say is that the characters in books aren't nessicarily what the author is like. The characters in film and tv aren't nessicarily the same as the actors.

We all wear masks, for some people its a job requirement. Now i'm not trying to give some life lesson or anything I'm just thinking outloud, or rather im just thinking online. Well i think i have written enough for one day.

Bye for now,


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  1. well i cant really send you an email... but ill just comment kay? good. 'cause i dont have time for an answer! :P anway you blog speaks and im not just saying it 'cause you read my blog but it speaks... like ive always seen the world i dont know.. differently?.. not like those freaks that dont have friends or anything.. well.. like how i think you see it... of course i dont know how you see it but well look at me? babbling! let me finish. you have a talent in writing and i really appreciate that you read my blog! there was that hard? well i guess it was.... :D


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