Mar 9, 2010

Here Goes Nothin

Well today i decided to write again. Mostly because I'm avoiding other things that have to be done. But i have been annoyed recently and figured this might give me some relief. That was the original purpose of this right?

Is it just me, or is there not a single person that is themselves? Lets face it, you can say that you are being you to your friends and they might even agree, but it would most likely be a lie. Because there is no one you. There is who you are around your friends. then there is another person that you are when you are with you family. It goes the same for where ever you are, workplace clubs or any other group. If there is a different group of people you will act different.

Yeah yeah i know what your thinking. "This isn't true i am myself around everyone! Shut up this is just you." Well you make a good point. It could be just me but from what i observed after realising that i change in each new environment, is that people act different unconciously.

If group A enjoys a persons company because they are loud and unpredictable but group B only accepts said person when they are calm and cool then this person unconciously adjusts whenever they pass each group.

Look i'm not judging I'm thinking. I know i do it. I'm around one group of friends and i am what i once considered myself. I thought i was always myself until i realised that with my family i am different. I didn't realise this until i started spending some of my time with another group. A group that has excepted my first impression of being quiet but occasionally saying something unexpected. They have excepted that of me so that is who i am when i am with them.

Just because i realise this doesnt mean i plan to change. Despite the argument that people should be themselves and that originality is best, this is extremely difficult to achieve. Mostly because i don't know who i have to be to be myself. Does the fact that i have to wonder who i have to be if i want to be me mean i can no longer be me? Will i just have to accept who others want me to be? Or can i discover me through the freedom in this blog? Can anyone discover who they really are?

I come to no conclusion. If anyone actually reads this and can be bothered posting, which i highly doubt, i wouldn't mind your opinion. It doesn't make sense. Like a lot of things it doesnt make sense. Why would we be made unique then our natural instinc be to fit in? Does anyone know? I doubt it.

I'll return my non-existant viewers that don't exist.


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