Nov 20, 2010

I'd rather recite Poe

We currently have been set an assignment in English that involves giving a speech of some sort. Either we recite Shakespeare, or give a five minute speech on how much of a fail relationship Romeo and Juliet had. Not wanting to search through the play for twenty lines of consistent dialog, I chose the speech. I figured I would do some sort of practice/draft in the form of a blog post then just kind of wing it on the day. It worked last time.

Don't get me wrong, I do have a certain amount of respect for Shakespeare. Anyone that insults by saying 'Thou rougish onion-eyed pigeon-egg' earns a mental high five from me. Want to waste some time? Check out this Shakespearean insult generater.

Now while I would rather recite something by Edgar Allen Poe, if anything just to say 'Quoth the Raven' and 'Nevermore' as homework, I do rather like the idea of pointing out what idiots Romeo and Juliet are. My rant will be in my next post I promis you. For now I will go to bed.


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