Nov 24, 2010

I think it's about time I posted something half way decent

My blog has been failing a little. At least I think so. I go far too long without a post then when I post it is stupid and I feel bad just looking at it. Then I get up and eat something and I feel better. Then I come back and see it again and close it then listen to Saint Motel. At least that is what happened yesterday. It also happened a moment ago but instead of closing it and listening to Saint Motel I opened the new post thing . . . and listened to Saint Motel.

This whole posting business is bothering me. See I know I should do it more often I just don't do anything interesting. Ever. Which leaves me with little to blog about. That and wonderful procrastinating tools like facebook, youtube, twitter, solitaire and the game 'robot unicorn attack' make writing interesting posts difficult. It takes ages if I don't have a mildly interesting story to tell.

If I'm really keen to tell you all about something that happened or if I'm trying to write about something I am really passionate about or if I am writing myself a book or movie review, I'll be all over this keyboard like scales on a Cobra. I don't know where that analogy came from but it is here to stay. However, if I am trying to make up for days without new/decent posts, it takes me a while to get into it.

See those first two paragraphs up there? Between the two I refreshed both facebook and twitter a few times, watched the music video for 'Butch' by Saint Motel, put up a facebook wall post about how keen I am for my Saint Motel CD to arrive, tweeted about how keen I am for my Saint Motel CD to arrive, went to a random word generator website and randomly generated the following: "The intervening author boils above the chestnut moon". For a randomly generated sentence, that's not half bad.

I went on that random word generator in hopes of randomly generating a topic for me to write about. By now I am guessing you are bored of me telling you how boring my posts are or how long it takes me to make a boring post or how awesome I think the band Saint Motel is. I think this post just might be long enough to get me back on track. I'll stop now.

. . . .



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