Nov 5, 2010

Hello update!

The other day I told my family that if I ever became a completely immobile vegetable relying on drugs and a machine to keep me alive that they should just pull the plug. They then unplugged my computer and threw my coffee down the sink.

The previous line was written in italics because I didn't make it up I just thought it was funny. I don't even drink coffee. That's right, I am THAT cool.

I was reminded of that thing at the top that I wrote (my oh my what a way with words you have Rachel) because I've been out of Internet for a week or so. Well it probably hasn't been that long at all I can't actually remember when it was turned off. I just recall not touching my lovely netbook, to whom I dubbed the name George, for sometime because of it.

 I told myself "I will just write my blog posts as draft word documents until the Internet returns on saddled steed with a sharpened sword fresh from the blacksmith's store." Alright I didn't actually refer to the Internet as a metaphorical knight I just feel dumb for using a word as lame as 'thing' in a blog post and I want to make up for it.

In lighter less rambling news, I am now technically employed. If you have been keeping up you may recall a long dramatic post on this here blog about me delivering newspapers for my brother. If you haven't read it here is a LINK to it. That post was from the days that this was still yeaheyethoughtso. I wear odd socks now though.

Anyway I have now officially taken over the lovely newspaper delivery job for my brother. After reading that post I LINKed for you, you are probably wondering "Why on earth would you do such a thing? You made it sound dreadful! There was a three headed dog attacking you! You got many paper cuts!" The job is actually pretty good; I only got three paper cuts this time.

-Hold on a second I am distracted by a song that just showed up on my CD. Crying Lightning by Arctic Monkeys. I know you didn't ask but I don't care.-

You can't tell but I had to listen to that whole song between this sentence and the one before the interruption. Very distracting song.

ANYWAY. It is a good job only two to three hours work for $31 dollars. Consider the fact that I have never had a steady job before EVER and you will notice that I can appreciate the money.

The first time I did the job my bag broke, I got many paper cuts, my mp3 ran out of battery and I was in a miserable mood. This time my bag remained intact, I only got three paper cuts, two of which I hardly notice, I listen to Cd's on a Walkman now, my Walkman. . . ran out of battery but I remained in a good mood.!

Enough idiotic rambling, miss odd socks, get to the pictures you took on the job.

Rural silhouette on a random red Ute. I thought it was cool.

Sitting on a Lake Road mailbox, one broken key. I thought it was cool and I couldn't help but wonder like crazy how they had broken it, how they had managed after it broke and why was it on their mailbox?

I only took these pictures with my phone camera and I am no photographer so you can't even tell that the rock like splodge beside the tree is, in fact, a porcelain chicken.

These are my most favorite flowers ever. Who knew Gray street, the newspaper deprived street from hell, had such wonderful flowers? . . . Shut up I'm allowed to be feminine!

If you can't read it, there is writing on the mailbox that says 'our family rules'. Made me smile. Check out the expertly folded newspaper sticking out of it. Whoever delivered that is a total pro.

Their tree has ribbons on it. Why? Because it wants to feel beautiful that's why.

I always admire this awesome mail box every time I have delivered papers. I need a better photo of it to express fully how awesome it is. Next week I will try get a better shot.

It is a bathtub. On someones lawn. You saw and read correctly, a bathtub. WHY?
I think their solar power made their mailbox shy. Look it's hiding! It's OK little mailbox I just want to give you a newspaper.

That is all you are getting form me. I should probably inform you, out of sheer courtesy if anything else, that I am only able to blog right now because I am using my lovely sister's Internet. My Internet is still turned off. Curse you youtube and the ease of which I can browse through your archives and burn up many a gig of download!

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  1. Dear Rach,
    WHOA! I just found the "reactions" button!!!! its pretty cool
    and where is that quote from? thats pretty chill too
    AND who could forget your paper delivering three headed killer dog story?
    Your bathtub picture reminded me of this stupid law in Pennsylvania "It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors." dont ask, i dont have the answers.....
    OH! i commented on your post about comments like a month ago but its all "you didnt comment anything bitch" so im like "fine you piece of crap" and i re-commented.
    Cool? awesome.


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