May 7, 2010

Ooooh Fancy!

Thank you winter for giving me this annoying cold. I have made use of my days off however. You may have noticed the fancy new look my blog has. I managed to change it between coughs, sneezes and a whole lot of tissues.

I have also discovered some other wonderful things while sitting around at home:
My computer is for some reason making a sound that i can't help but relate to ghosts. It's just a whiring type of noise but it is a little creepy.
Dimetapp day and night tablets work wonders on a headache.
Superman is just about the coolest superhero ever. is one hell of a time waster (there you go oatmeal, free advertising!).
Froot Loops make Cheerios look like the circular sugarless breakfast food they are, in a bad way.
Harry Potter is more awesome than i gave him credit for.
I wish i could play Quidditch.
And fevers give me unusual dreams.

I don't really remember the dreams I've had lately, i just remember that they were weird enough to make me open my eyes and think "My mind full of crazy things". Which then made me think "Hey i haven't posted on my blog in a while" which then made me think "what on earth do i have to write about"

And that is the story of why this post makes very little sense.


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