Apr 20, 2010

*stares blankly at the title box*

I remember when i first saw the truman show. I won't spoil it, just in case any of my 2 readers haven't seen it. All i will say is the movie made me wonder about how real our reality is.

I don't mean we are living in the matrix or anything i just mean that there are lots of things in our world that can be deceptive. Alot of what we know has come from what someone else in history has come up with so how do we know that the person that came up with this 'fact' didn't just give an extremely convincing argument? What i'm saying isn't that rediculous if you consider the fact that once apon a time people were burned to death if someone said they were a witch.

How do we know that someone a few hundred years ago didn't just pick up a book that they thought was so good they became more obsessed than a twilight fan and was convinced it was solid evidence? How do we know they didn't share this story with people telling them that it was a factual account? And can we really be sure that no one believed them and that everything in history books is completely solid? If there can be people so obsessed with fiction that they think its real today, then how can we be sure that in the days that filled our history books, the days where people were much more gulible, there weren't obsessive fans?

There could be a large percentage of our reality that is based apon imagination and maybe a little stupidity. I'm not saying I believe this i'm just saying that, if you think about it, it could be possible. It seems that humans come from a long line of gulible fools but even if we are getting smarter if what we are learning is a lie are we really getting anywhere?

Well heres to considering the imensly improbable.


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  1. i LOVE the Truman show!!! with my man Jim Carrey!!!!! he is my FAVORITE actor! (right in front of Robert Downy Jr)
    my front door just like flew open!!
    I think I'll go close it


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