May 9, 2010

More ramblings of the curious kind

There are a billion things that can make someones mood noticably dismal. And I'm sure there's an imense amount of ways to help change that persons mood. Although there are many ways to help our friends when they are feeling like life enjoys messing with them, how on earth do we know when to help?

You are probably thinking that it isn't a question of how but of when. If a friend is feeling down you should always help, shouldn't you? Well let's think about this shall we? If you have ever felt terrible but just wanted to be left alone, then someone trys to talk to you to 'make you feel better' it usually just makes things worse. Then there are other days when you feel terrible but you just want someone to talk to you and convince you it gets better. How on earth do we tell the difference between the two?

If someone wants to be left alone but you try to make them feel better, well their bad mood could escalate because they haven't gotten their much needed solitude. If they need someone to talk to, but they don't want to bother their friends with their problems, you might just leave them be so you don't interrupt their much needed solitude, when really thats the opposite of what they are looking for.

So is there a way to tell the difference between needing solitude and needing comforting? Perhapse if you know the person well enough you will be able to tell the difference at a glance, but what if your unsure? If you ask if they want to talk about it, and they say no, should you just say OK and sit there untill they either say something or one of you has to leave? Maybe thats the simplest way to resolve it. If there were no such thing as bad days we wouldn't have to worry about such things. Then again saying 'if we were all mind readers' is probably just as realistic.

Imagine if you could read minds. Would you tell your best friend, or would you not want to risk losing them to the understandable mistrust that one would have toward a mindreader? I for one would be a little reluctant to use the ability, if i had it. I would feel guilty being so intrusive, and no doubt regret alot of what i hear. I think mindreaders don't exist for the very reason that they shouldn't. Our thoughts are supposed to be private our minds are meant to be a safe haven.

Wow major subject change right there! Better end this post before i start talking about something completely different.


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