Jan 14, 2011

You can get extreme caffeine high from six or so glasses of Pepsi max. Who knew?

The thing about the holidays that can be kind of annoying at times is the fact that I don’t have to go to bed early because I don’t have to wake up at a reasonable hour. Sure it is greatly missed when the holidays end, but when I don’t wake up until 12 in the afternoon, I can’t help but feel guilty for wasting the day away. Also when it is that late in the afternoon it is no longer socially acceptable to eat Froot Loops. I still do of course; No one should be told when or when not to eat Froot Loops.

Today, after waking up at about 12 for the second day in a row, I decided to go for a walk. I went to my mum’s house, helped clean stuff up a bit, and then we watched a few episodes of Castle. I had this massive bottle of Pepsi with me and a glass. So as my mother and I watched the awesome crime show, speculating about the crimes, saying things like “I bet you it was that guy” or “I so didn’t see that coming” or “I remember watching this episode on TV. Don’t remember who did it though yay!” As we watched I poured myself glass after glass of Pepsi Max, laughing along with the witty banter and clever one liner’s. That show is much better than I make it sound, I assure you.

Anyway by the time we had watched about three episodes, I had drunk many a glass of Pepsi max. Sure there isn’t sugar in Pepsi Max, but there is definitely caffeine. As I was leaving mum’s house the caffeine was very much coursing through me and hyping me up. The effects have worn of now, but I do recall texting long messages as I walked so I wouldn’t have to make awkward eye contact with the passer-by. Being hyped up on caffeine at the time, they turned out pretty interesting. Here they are.

Text Number 1

I drank too much Pepsi max now the caffeine is getting to me. I’m shaking a little. This text is difficult to type because my fingers are wanting to text faster than my brain wants to. . . .Say things? I don’t even know anymore. I better walk off this caffeine high before something crazy happens like I turn into Astro Boy or something. I don’t know why Astro Boy I’m just texting while I walk so I don’t have to look at people in cars as they silently judge me with their licences and destinations and agendas. I suppose I do have a destination and an agenda but I don’t have a licence or a life. I just saw a guy riding a bike with a fluffy looking trailer attached to it. You know the kind for small dogs. I don’t think he has a dog though it was holding his shopping.

Well that was the first long text I wrote and saved in my phone. If this were a sham-wow commercial, this would be the part where I’d say “But wait, there’s more!”

Text number two

It isn’t fun walking past people on the sidewalk and making awkward glances here and there so I’m going to keep texting to myself. I usually send these texts to people but these ones are getting quite long. Sometimes when waiting for a lift on a bench outside the shops you can’t help but feel like everyone glancing at you as they pass is thinking you have no life so you are sitting there waiting for one to show up and greet you. Feels kind of the same now only I’m walking so they are thinking that I am hoping to stumble upon a life as I wander. If I text as I walk they might believe that I do have a life and that it is texting me now about something so important my reply has to be extremely long. Imagine if you saw me walking and texting right now. If you were to watch me for long enough and actually be curious about what I am doing, you would probably think I was sending an extremely important text. Or maybe I’m texting a cop saying there is a weirdo watching me as I text walk.

That’s right everybody, I am a freak. Still, it gave me something to blog, didn’t it?


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