Jan 11, 2011

This keyboard is annoying

My dad's laptop is pretty cool, I guess. It is kind of old though so it inevitably has some quirks that come with age. Typing on it is like using a typewriter, by which I mean if I don't smash at every key like I have a personal vendetta against it, my words miss out on a few letters.

Another annoying quirk was just demonstrated to me before I started this sentence, believe it or not. When this laptop is unplugged it freaks out. It isn't an instantaneous freak out. At first the background changes to a default image. When it happens, I have a feeling this is what goes on in it's head:

"Oh dear my life support system has been shut down. It's cool it's cool. I can handle this, I'm sure. It won't be forever, right? I can handle it. Yeah I can do it. . . . Maybe they don't know that it's happened. I should warn them, I mean, let them know. Yeah I'll change the back ground they will notice that."

Then when I don't do anything about this whole unplugged thing, it starts to lose it a bit:

"Hello! Can you here me?! My plug is not powering me right now! Running on battery here, this is not a drill! HELP! I'll just make the screen go black for  second to alert you to this. Oh dear. . . . I need a lie down."

And that is when it shuts down completely and I am forced to plug it back in.

Unfortunately my dad's Internet only likes to work for this laptop, thus forcing me to use it and put my trusty George the Laptop away. Which is why this post is taking me for ever. It is also why my posting has lessened in frequency. In fact, the post before this one was typed on George the Laptop then moved via USB to this unnamed old laptop and posted onto OddSocks. I think I might stick to that method as typing on this one is bothering me a little.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is. . . . For it to be posted at 11:11 on the 11th day of the 1st month in 2011! That's 11/1/11 at 11:11. Or, if you are Alyssa 'I live in America' Karounos, 1/11/11 at 11:11. Why do we have the day and month opposite? Anyway, make a wish!


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  1. I was legit dying when you made me "i live in America" xDDD
    and i dont know why we write the date all weird! Maybe it's because that's the way we say it
    "January 11th, 2011"
    but having the date then the month makes so much more sense to me! oh well


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