Sep 20, 2010

How ever will I fill this silly title box?

Mario is just about the most dedicated plumber there is. If there were spiky turtles, angry mushrooms and walking bombs strolling about my plumbing, that red hatted man with the moustache and overalls is the guy I would want to take care of it.

I don't actually have much to say I just know that if I don't write something it could be ages before I write something else. I was just thinking that the game super Mario bros. has evolved somewhat from a plumber doing the most expensive job in the most complicated sewers in history to a vigilante that travels the universe.

What if that happened with other jobs? What if a post man went to open a mail box just to have a bomb with eyes and feet leap out and attack? What if a guy is delivering a pizza only to discover one of the mushrooms has obtained an expression of grumpiness?

It is fun contemplating the impossible.


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