Sep 27, 2010

The contents of my wallet

The other day I was at my sister’s house and I discovered a pile of five cent coins sitting on a shelf in her living room. She let me have the entire pile when I pointed it out. Naturally, I swept up the coins and spilled them into my wallets change section.

Just a moment before, I decided to re-count the coins to see just how much change I have. I discovered that I have three dollars exactly in five cent coins and a couple of ten cent coins too. What surprised me most was the unexpected discovery of an American dime.

How on earth did that get into my sisters pile of five cent coins? I don't even know how she got such a big pile of coins let alone one harbouring illegal immigrants. When I thought of the dime as an illegal immigrant the thought that came after my internal chuckle was "I'm going to keep this coin for as long as possible."

So I opened up the compartment of my wallet that hold my various cards, student I.Ds, and a whole lot of bits of junk that I have at one stage thought "I'm going to keep this for as long as possible" upon discovery. The realisation that the junk was piling up didn't make me think it was time to let go of a few things, it just made me reminisce about why I kept them in the first place.

The four leaf clover I found and covered in clear contact for luck is pinned to the inside of my wallet with a safety pin my friend gave me to keep me safe. Beside that (attached to the wallet with a paperclip that was attached to a Christmas card I received last year and joked about how the paperclip was such a nice present as if the money clipped to it weren't there at all [shut up they thought it was hilarious]), is a few small cards that appear to be 'schrute bucks'. If you are a fan of 'the office', the American adaption that is, you will know what a schrute buck is. Or not.

Those are just a few of the random things I have kept in my wallet because of an inside joke with . . . myself. There is a tag that says 'Hamish the haggis' from a toy that was given to me by the same person who gave me the safety pin to keep me safe. There is one of those unusual toys you get from Christmas bon bons that you really can't tell what it is. That toy is there because I had one much like it when I was little. I thought it was awesome.

Even the key ring type thing on the zipper is there for a reason. It looks like Jack Skellington's head and it came off my Jack Skellington bag when it started falling apart. It is on my wallet now because I really liked that bag.

Now there is also an American dime that I will keep in there because when I found it I thought of it as an illegal immigrant and I thought it was funny. Every time I see it in my wallet I will think of that silly thought, or maybe this blog post.

Every one of these obscure items tells a story, brings a memory and more often then not makes me smile. The bits of junk in my wallet are more valuable then they seem. After all, what are we without our memories?


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