Nov 28, 2010

Music and naptime, suitable for all ages . . . right?

Ladies and gentlemen, that's right all six of you, I have something to write about. Thursday night I saw the film Due Date with Robert Downey Junior. I mean the film features Robert Downey Junior, I wasn't with him when I saw it. It was funny. What made it even more funny was the Rockstar energy drink I had drunk before and during the movie. I have a few fun facts for you about this lovely energy drink. It is amazingly delicious. It can make you go mental. I like to drink it. When I drink them too quickly I go insane.

We were running late for the movies, I had an opened Rockstar in my hand, I was power walking and I drank it at a non-recommended pace. It is difficult to sit still in a movie when your heart rate goes nuts, or when your hands are shaking from intense caffeine, or when you can't think of a third thing to put in a sentence. When I drink Rockstar too quickly, I inevitably have an intense sugar rush then an intense sugar crash and wake up feeling sleepy the next morning. Being the genius that I am, I managed to forget about the exam I had the following morning. Yeah I probably failed that. Oh well it's just maths.

I drew this when I finished the exam. It says "Rockstar. Guaranteed to keep you up until 3:30 the night before your exam." I really don't think I did well in that.

What I originally wanted to talk about is what happened after the energy drink started to wear off. I was exhausted but not sleeping. I am no stranger to insomnia. It is like a terrible house guest, showing up unannounced, messing up my sleeping patterns, eating all the food, being impolite and just leaving without cleaning up after itself.

There is one up side to having experience with insomnia, because I had several ready made time fillers by my bedside. Unfortunately George the Net book was in the lounge room, but I still had my fancy paper notebook and my even fancier CD Walkman. Yes yes I know it is no longer the 80's but I like listening to substantial CD's rather than ripping them onto an iPod then leaving them on a shelf. Besides I can't afford an iPod.

So there I was, conclusion that I would not sleep drawn with detail and colour. I picked up my fancy Walkman and my even fancier go-lo bought CD case and started flipping through for something to listen to. Oh the choices! Paramore, Florence and the Machine, Nirvana, Mumford and Sons, just to name a few. Then there are the compilation or Mix CDs that fill a fair portion of that case. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Saint Motel, Pierce the veil, the Real Tuesday Weld, the Cure all feature on a few of them.

None of these were what I was going for. I needed constant mellow, something to chill out to. Just as the phrase flew through my head I remembered the last time I had listened to music for the specific need to chill out. It was winter (chill out get it) and I was sitting in a cool windowsill, gazing out at various trees and rooftops of Falls Creek. I was scribbling in my notebook, my old one that is, and watching the snow drift like the debris from an exploding cloud. I had my head leaning against the cold glass of the window as my recently purchased Angus and Julia Stone album, down the way, played on my speakers in the background.

Needless to say I listened to it again last night. Not only because the mellow tunes are great for tired eyes, but because as I listened I remembered the snow. I was even more aware of the cool breeze seeping in from outside, the cold touch and the music of the 'down the way' album aiding the memories. I listened to the whole CD as I had many times before and I marveled at how a memory can be linked to a sound, a feeling stirred by the strum of a guitar, a mind challenged by a meticulous jumble of lyrics.

Music is pretty amazing when you think about it. How many things can you say have been around for you since you were born? How many things can you say have changed to suit you as you've grown up? From the Wiggles to Bullet for my Valentine, when said like that it seems like a great leap. Music is completely unique. There is something for everyone, it doesn't matter what your interest.

I think it is really awesome that you don't have to listen to just one kind of music. I have mix CD's where Marylin Manson precedes Florence and the machine and follows Bombay bicycle club. Those three genres are so different it doesn't even make sense that I love them all, but I do. It doesn't matter if I'm listening to cheerful songs like Mr. Pitiful by Matt Costa then I get the urge to listen to a depressing song like 9 crimes by Damien Rice. Creepy video for that last one.

Another awesome thing about music is how it works with your imagination. For instance, whenever I listen to Florence and the Machine's Girl with one eye, I always picture the performance in my head. Because I have never withheld my mental arguments I have had with myself, the weird thoughts I have had when seeing unusual things, or even my opinion on things no normal people even think about, I will not withhold how I picture Florence's performance either. I even told you about the time I walked all the way to McDonald's to use the Internet and forgot to charge my Net book before hand, so any respect you had for me is probably gone anyway.

When I hear the song I always think of an old fashioned gentleman's club. The lights are dimmed, the audience is all well dressed and looking at the stage in the middle of the room, where there is of course a large ebony piano among band members and instruments. As the electric guitar starts, the singer steps out in an impossibly sparkly red dress and starts singing the song. It just sounds like the kind of song that has to be sung while the singer lazes about on the grand piano and strolls around a stage winking at the men in the audience as their jaws drop.

Florence Welch!

That's how I see it anyway because I have an unusual imagination. Wouldn't trade it for the world though because it makes my dreams interesting and therefore my sleep less boring. Speaking of which, unhearted by Automatic Love Letter is a good song. Giving you lots to listen to in this post aren't I? I really appreciate music and I hope you appreciate that this post took me like two or three days to write because I am so easily distracted. That and I was recovering from the effects of Rockstar and sleep deprivation.

The moral of the story is Rockstar energy drink makes you feel like a Rockstar. And it is awesome.


Nov 24, 2010

I think it's about time I posted something half way decent

My blog has been failing a little. At least I think so. I go far too long without a post then when I post it is stupid and I feel bad just looking at it. Then I get up and eat something and I feel better. Then I come back and see it again and close it then listen to Saint Motel. At least that is what happened yesterday. It also happened a moment ago but instead of closing it and listening to Saint Motel I opened the new post thing . . . and listened to Saint Motel.

This whole posting business is bothering me. See I know I should do it more often I just don't do anything interesting. Ever. Which leaves me with little to blog about. That and wonderful procrastinating tools like facebook, youtube, twitter, solitaire and the game 'robot unicorn attack' make writing interesting posts difficult. It takes ages if I don't have a mildly interesting story to tell.

If I'm really keen to tell you all about something that happened or if I'm trying to write about something I am really passionate about or if I am writing myself a book or movie review, I'll be all over this keyboard like scales on a Cobra. I don't know where that analogy came from but it is here to stay. However, if I am trying to make up for days without new/decent posts, it takes me a while to get into it.

See those first two paragraphs up there? Between the two I refreshed both facebook and twitter a few times, watched the music video for 'Butch' by Saint Motel, put up a facebook wall post about how keen I am for my Saint Motel CD to arrive, tweeted about how keen I am for my Saint Motel CD to arrive, went to a random word generator website and randomly generated the following: "The intervening author boils above the chestnut moon". For a randomly generated sentence, that's not half bad.

I went on that random word generator in hopes of randomly generating a topic for me to write about. By now I am guessing you are bored of me telling you how boring my posts are or how long it takes me to make a boring post or how awesome I think the band Saint Motel is. I think this post just might be long enough to get me back on track. I'll stop now.

. . . .



Nov 21, 2010

Why Romeo and Juliet's relationship was doomed from the start.

There are several contributing factors that tell us, had Romeo and Juliet lived, they wouldn't have enjoyed the story book happy ending featured in many a fairy tale. People like to use the young couple as an example of true love despite the fact that their relationship was hardly ideal. They were opposing members of feuding families that turned violent toward each other at a single glance, they married the day after they met, they were young and reckless. Their impulsive behaviour may be seen as romantic, but was it practical?

Consider that when Romeo first appears in the play he is head over heels for another girl named Rosaline. The way he talks about this girl you would think he was the head of her fan club or something. He speaks as if his life has ended because she doesn't want him. When he meets Juliet, he marries her the next day, Rosaline apparently completely forgotten. I have to wonder, how long did he know this Rosaline girl before deciding he was in love? Before he met Rosaline, was there another girl he considered his other half? What I'm saying is that Romeo seemed to be in love with falling in love. How serious was he about his commitments really? If Rosaline wasn't so sensible would we have a tragic story of Romeo and Rosaline rather than Juliet?

The impulsiveness of their actions wasn't the only thing keeping them from a happy ending though. Juliet was thirteen and Romeo sixteen. That is like one of the year ten guys at our school skipping off to Vegas with a year seven girl. Does that seem right to you? Yeah I know it was different back then; people got married much younger. In fact, Juliet's parents wanted her to marry that Paris guy. So really their age isn't the problem, it is their ignorance. Their ignorance, their innocence and their general disregard for their parent's opinion. Back then parents were supposed to decide to whom their children would marry.

The fact that their families couldn't get along at all probably put a hole in their happily ever after plan. The play starts with their family members getting in a fight over seemingly nothing. Romeo and Juliet getting married is like a lawyer marrying a hippy, a vegetarian marrying a cannibal (my what a wedding night THAT would have been). The conflicts that would ensue would be devastating at best.

They are a pretty good match, I'll admit. I mean they are both foolish and impulsive to the point that they kill themselves over someone they have known only for a few days.

So we have a couple of kids who decide they are ready for married life after knowing each other for as long as a day. Never mind that their families are sworn enemies. Never mind that Juliet is meant to marry someone else. Never mind that Romeo was in love with someone else not a day before. They are in love, what else is there to consider?

the end

There you have it a rough draft that I really didn't want to do. I keep my promises though. Or at least I try to. That is enough for one day, I think. I'm going to go play robot unicorn attack.


Nov 20, 2010

I'd rather recite Poe

We currently have been set an assignment in English that involves giving a speech of some sort. Either we recite Shakespeare, or give a five minute speech on how much of a fail relationship Romeo and Juliet had. Not wanting to search through the play for twenty lines of consistent dialog, I chose the speech. I figured I would do some sort of practice/draft in the form of a blog post then just kind of wing it on the day. It worked last time.

Don't get me wrong, I do have a certain amount of respect for Shakespeare. Anyone that insults by saying 'Thou rougish onion-eyed pigeon-egg' earns a mental high five from me. Want to waste some time? Check out this Shakespearean insult generater.

Now while I would rather recite something by Edgar Allen Poe, if anything just to say 'Quoth the Raven' and 'Nevermore' as homework, I do rather like the idea of pointing out what idiots Romeo and Juliet are. My rant will be in my next post I promis you. For now I will go to bed.


Nov 16, 2010

Here is what I have been up to since losing the Internet. . . .


That picture above is my hand. I wrote that during the history/geography exams to keep myself sane. Exams are awful aren't they?


That sign was attached to a cork board in Coles. You know the ones where people try to sell stuff or in this case gain stuff. I took the picture and a random lady that had been browsing the board started telling me and my sister all about the guy that invented Lego. Quite random but the story was inspiring. No one liked Lego when the guy invented it, he couldn't sell it, he couldn't even give it away. His wife left him apparently because he couldn't make any money. When he got famous though and people started seeing how awesome it was he like built a house out of the stuff. I love informative strangers.


When you are younger these park fixtures seem like the baby ones. The toddlers sat on them while teetering back and forth a little, it looked like fun, if you were a baby. That changes when you are too tall for them. They become awesome. Doubly awesome because I can rarely use the phrase "I'm too tall for it".

Getting in and out of that fish one was extremely difficult for me, but it was worth it. You throw your weight around to the extreme, they aren't made for teenagers so they bend a twist like no bodies business. I had the sides of it hitting the ground at one stage. I'm quite immature.


At a park
Beneath the table at East Port Bowling Club, along with the feet of a few other people. Guess which ones are mine? I wear those shoes a lot.

I think that's in my lounge room. ODD SOCKS!


For some time now I have been adding various pictures and things I have been given to my wall. Someone draws me a picture my first thought is "That is going on my wall." Kind of like on that extremely Australian movie the castle where the dad says to anything worthy "That is going straight to the pool room". You know when I first saw that movie I didn't realise Eric Bana was in it? I have a poster of The Time Traveller's Wife in my room. Eric Bana covers half that poster. I didn't recognise the guy through the whole film! Same thing happened with another extremely Australian movie called the Nugget that Eric Bana is in. I've seen that movie like three times and I only noticed when I glanced at the cover the other day. I'm a silly one. Wow that went off topic a bit.




Nov 13, 2010

Should have seen it coming.

As I am sure I mentioned at some point, I have been unable to access the Internet freely in my own home for some time due to my family and I using up the monthly limit a little too early. I'm back! I'm sure you probably guessed that when you read the first few words in this post. Or maybe even earlier when  you saw the title. I'm impressed that you noticed at all.

How does it make you feel to know this post was written while I was sitting in McDonald's eating a McFlurry wondering why they insist on putting 'Mc' in front of McEverything. I came specifically to use their free McInternet so I could waste some time blogging, face booking, email checking and tweeting to my little hearts content. Internet and and ice cream after a lovely walk across Port Macquarie on a summer afternoon. If only I hadn't done something immensely stupid this afternoon during this adventure. I will get to it eventually. I will tell the story from the start. . . .

The idea came to me after a lazy day in which I did nothing but eat a massive bowl of Froot Loops (it was impressively massive) and read an awesome book. Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. Yes, yes I am obsessed with this author. With good reason! Anyway my younger brother Matthew and I were sitting in my Dad's car waiting for him to return from his quick trip shopping. The big white van we sat in was parked in front of an adult gift shop. That sounds hilarious. The adult shop is across the road from a grocery store which my Dad was actually in. Had you going for a moment didn't I?

So Matt and I were sitting in the car, windows rolled down, sun warming our arms, lovely breeze blowing our hair, as we laughed at the bus of senior citizens being dropped off in front of the adult store. That place is the butt of jokes today-pun intended. I was laughing at the naughty Nana's when the idea came. I had a simple thought: "I wish I had the Internet so I could blog about this." Then I decided that when we got home I would take my laptop in my bag with my wallet and walk to McDonald's to steal their free Internet.

That is exactly what  did as soon as we got back to Dad's house. On my walk over I couldn't help but notice a few things, one being that Port Macquarie is absolutely gorgeous in the summer, another being that I am in no way a city person. I went from streets where almost every house has flowers in front of them, to a path that winds along the beach then the Hastings River and right into town. In Sydney there are many streets that scarcely have a blade of grass before the homes let alone flowers. In fact, the most natural thing to admire is how the sun rises and reflects off the mirror plated office blocks. Houses here, however, have an abundance of flowers.

Sydney is awesome, don't get me wrong. I can't help that I grew up walking on the beach brushing sand from my eyes and windblown hair from my face so I could better see a blue sky rather than an Opera House or a sky scraper. I was just raised with the smell of see salt singing with the sun. Alliteration and imagery! I wonder how I went with my English exam? My point is I am from Regional Australia and am proud of it. Gotta love the coast, and the random painted rocks on the break wall.

 Emily the Strange is most definitely a book worth reading.

I guess I prefer living in a place where you can walk from one end to the other without fear of getting knifed or something. I'm old fashioned like that.

I bet you're wondering when I get to the immensely stupid thing I did on my journey. All in good time, I still have some walking to tell you about, and some of my inner madness.

So I walked along the beach, along the break wall and right to Town Green. I took a couple of pictures of the War Memorial, freshly laden with flowers from remembrance day.
From there I had a choice. I could go into the street and get garlic bread from Eagle Boy's Pizza, or I could keep walking along the path to the wharf that always smells like fish. I got some garlic bread. It was delicious. I was walking along the road with my garlic bread when I passed the grocery store and the adult gift shop across the road where I originally started compiling my plan. Then something happened that happens to more people than they would like to admit: I had a mental argument with myself over nothing.

"If I had started walking there I would be eating a McFlurry and tweeting and face booking and blogging and emailing right now." I thought.

No you wouldn't stupid head, you wouldn't have George the net book with you or your wallet so that plan fails instantly. My subconscious mind countered.

"OK, OK you're right. Just saying would have been easier."

It would have but even if you did have your wallet and George you would have missed out on getting that freaking sweet garlic bread and you would not have thought of Sydney and Port Macquarie in a comparative way, much like that geography assignment of yours. . . .

"That's enough out of you subconscious!"

My madness aside, I continued to stroll and eat garlic bread. While my incredibly stupid mistake didn't occur just yet, I did get some lovely pictures.

After this lovely trip I made it to McDonald's, ordered my McFlurry, ate a McSpoonful of it to make sure it was McEdible, found a nice McTable and sat down. That sentence was fun. I got George the net book from my bag and flicked the on switch. . . .to no avail. It was a whole three seconds before I remembered running the battery down to nothing the other day and not charging it.

What an immensely stupid thing for me to do. I should have seen it coming. The plan was great wasn't it? A whole afternoon of McFlurry and McInternet and I didn't check the battery. I am a silly one. So I pulled out my notebook, which I had been too lazy to remove from my bag, and started writing a draft of this post. Now that I think about it, this is the first post I have ever written. The others had been typed straight away. Still, it would have been nice to have typed it on my own laptop rather than writing it in my unreadable scrawl then using my Dad's Internet later.

Oh well no point dwelling. I took the scenic route home and got some lovely pictures.

Told you I would get a better shot of that awesome mailbox.


Nov 5, 2010

Hello update!

The other day I told my family that if I ever became a completely immobile vegetable relying on drugs and a machine to keep me alive that they should just pull the plug. They then unplugged my computer and threw my coffee down the sink.

The previous line was written in italics because I didn't make it up I just thought it was funny. I don't even drink coffee. That's right, I am THAT cool.

I was reminded of that thing at the top that I wrote (my oh my what a way with words you have Rachel) because I've been out of Internet for a week or so. Well it probably hasn't been that long at all I can't actually remember when it was turned off. I just recall not touching my lovely netbook, to whom I dubbed the name George, for sometime because of it.

 I told myself "I will just write my blog posts as draft word documents until the Internet returns on saddled steed with a sharpened sword fresh from the blacksmith's store." Alright I didn't actually refer to the Internet as a metaphorical knight I just feel dumb for using a word as lame as 'thing' in a blog post and I want to make up for it.

In lighter less rambling news, I am now technically employed. If you have been keeping up you may recall a long dramatic post on this here blog about me delivering newspapers for my brother. If you haven't read it here is a LINK to it. That post was from the days that this was still yeaheyethoughtso. I wear odd socks now though.

Anyway I have now officially taken over the lovely newspaper delivery job for my brother. After reading that post I LINKed for you, you are probably wondering "Why on earth would you do such a thing? You made it sound dreadful! There was a three headed dog attacking you! You got many paper cuts!" The job is actually pretty good; I only got three paper cuts this time.

-Hold on a second I am distracted by a song that just showed up on my CD. Crying Lightning by Arctic Monkeys. I know you didn't ask but I don't care.-

You can't tell but I had to listen to that whole song between this sentence and the one before the interruption. Very distracting song.

ANYWAY. It is a good job only two to three hours work for $31 dollars. Consider the fact that I have never had a steady job before EVER and you will notice that I can appreciate the money.

The first time I did the job my bag broke, I got many paper cuts, my mp3 ran out of battery and I was in a miserable mood. This time my bag remained intact, I only got three paper cuts, two of which I hardly notice, I listen to Cd's on a Walkman now, my Walkman. . . ran out of battery but I remained in a good mood.!

Enough idiotic rambling, miss odd socks, get to the pictures you took on the job.

Rural silhouette on a random red Ute. I thought it was cool.

Sitting on a Lake Road mailbox, one broken key. I thought it was cool and I couldn't help but wonder like crazy how they had broken it, how they had managed after it broke and why was it on their mailbox?

I only took these pictures with my phone camera and I am no photographer so you can't even tell that the rock like splodge beside the tree is, in fact, a porcelain chicken.

These are my most favorite flowers ever. Who knew Gray street, the newspaper deprived street from hell, had such wonderful flowers? . . . Shut up I'm allowed to be feminine!

If you can't read it, there is writing on the mailbox that says 'our family rules'. Made me smile. Check out the expertly folded newspaper sticking out of it. Whoever delivered that is a total pro.

Their tree has ribbons on it. Why? Because it wants to feel beautiful that's why.

I always admire this awesome mail box every time I have delivered papers. I need a better photo of it to express fully how awesome it is. Next week I will try get a better shot.

It is a bathtub. On someones lawn. You saw and read correctly, a bathtub. WHY?
I think their solar power made their mailbox shy. Look it's hiding! It's OK little mailbox I just want to give you a newspaper.

That is all you are getting form me. I should probably inform you, out of sheer courtesy if anything else, that I am only able to blog right now because I am using my lovely sister's Internet. My Internet is still turned off. Curse you youtube and the ease of which I can browse through your archives and burn up many a gig of download!

Nov 1, 2010

Sweeney Todd promotes cannibalism. And how I love it.

I have never really celebrated Halloween. I am Australian after all and it hasn't been big here until recently when our country decided it was cool to copy the US in everything they do. I am also terrible when it comes to scary films. The first scary film I can recall seeing was hide and seek with Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning.

Alright it is pretty tame as far as scary films go, but you see my imagination is at such an incredible peak that the slightly scary films will have me sitting in bed with the covers pulled past my ears thinking "If I stay absolutely still the murderer that obviously made that creaking noise will not come into my room and kill me."

It is interesting how at night with the lights out and the shadows making faces at me I can't actually see how unrealistic my fears are. Bumps in the night are, as we all know, caused by global warming. Hey we're blaming it for everything else so why the hell not?

How about I get back on topic? Friday night we decided to have a scary movie night. It doesn't really count as me celebrating Halloween seeing as there was no mention of Halloween, there were no pumpkins, we ate Chinese food and it was on the Friday before Halloween. If I'm being honest I didn't even know when  Halloween was until this weekend. I just knew it was October some time.

We had gotten the most unusual sounding 'scary' movies we could find and, because I hadn't seen it and really wanted to, Sweeney Todd. I swear if Tim Burton, Douglas Adams and James Cameron went into a room they would leave with a killer robot that was horribly depressed and had scissors for hands. If you don't get that joke I respect you less.

My train of thought is constantly de-railing. Back to Friday night.

It was time to watch movies. We had bought Chinese food and fortune cookies and chopsticks separately. Why doesn't the Wall Of China* sell fortune cookies or supply chop sticks? We Had our food and we put on the first movie we had hired. . . . . Human Centipede. You heard me.

I bet you're thinking I am going to tell you all about this wonderful serendipitous moment when we stumbled upon this awesome film thinking it would be absolutely ridiculous. No. It was ridiculous. Scratch that, it was ridonkulous.

 The cover makes you think "Dude some crazy scientist probably makes a human centipede and lets it rampage around Germany or something!" No. Yes there is a crazy German scientist that makes a human centipede but it is just. . . . weird. No rampaging just a lot of whimpering and squealing. Though at one stage the Japanese guy exclaims wildly that Japanese people are dangerous when backed into a corner. Good to know.

This doesn't count as a scary film because it wasn't scary at all it was just gross. I won't tell you more about it as you probably wouldn't look at me the same ever again. I will just tell you that it is so not worth your time. Terrible acting, terrible plot line, and it is just so fake.

On a lighter note after that terrible film which we had fun insulting, we watched Sweeney Todd. Tim Burton is brilliant, I may have mentioned. I love that movie. It isn't a scary movie and the gore looks so fake that it is almost comical but there is murder and cannibalism involved.

There is a song in the film that I was fond of instantaneously. That's right I can spell that word. Anyway the song is called 'a little priest'. It is quite simply a song in which they judge what people will taste like in their pies. I am a fan of bad jokes and puns so I can truly appreciate the lyrics, which I looked up.

Todd: Haven't you got poet or something like that?
Mrs. Lovett: No y'see the trouble with poet is 'ow do you know it's deceased? Try the priest!

Todd: No this isn't fiddle player, it's piccolo player!
Mrs. Lovett: How can you tell?
Todd: It's piping hot!

Ah lame yet Witty and wonderful. The fact that it is a music really dulls the fact that they are in fact murdering and eating people. Not just eating, but selling them too! Well on the bright side, Mrs. Lovett stopped having the worst pies in London.

Well I'm all out of reasons to continue this post so here, a parting picture that has nothing to do with the post and I shall be on my way.

*fun fact about the Wall Of China Chinese restaurant in Port Macquarie. The far wall is covered in delicate porcelain plates, cups and bowls. That is right it is the wall of china.